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  1. First Contest Cut progress

    First contest cut


    Hopefully this is the right place to post this. I have been cutting 9 weeks now. Started at 184 lbs and 16% bf. Now at 167 and maybe 8-9? I am 6 weeks out from my first show. What do you think? All feed back is appreciated. I know the posing is lacking and the legs are coming along. Starting to get decent seperation in quads and hams and calves are decent.

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  2. Keep it up for the next 6 weeks and you should come in pretty ripped. Good luck with the show.

  3. Im curious to know what youre doing for your back training? You have a really thick back bro. Nice work
  4. Hustlers

    Just the basics for my back man. DL's, alot of rows, good mornings, lat pulldowns. Just as heavy as i can go.

    I'll try to post some updated pics soon.

    Thanks for the feedback guys.

  5. If youre 167 in those pics damn man, you are thick!

  6. He's 5'6" that like being 5'11" and 215 solid proportions man ... i hate being tall lol
    Dennis wolf is my height and hes 260!
  7. udpated

    Here is where I am at. Not sure about this sometimes, I guess I'm my own worst critic. I hope I get get my bf where it needs to be. Anyway I am 5 weeks and 2 days out now. Working on the posing alot and trying to get lean. My diet is pretty much dialed in now and im at 1800 cals, 55 gr fat, 150 carbs and 245 prot on average. I am eating the same thing every meal every day for the most part. I will try to keep the progress updated. BTW thanks for the feedback.Name:  111.jpg
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  8. Looking unreal, mate. Stick to it!

  9. Looking lean bro! The level that you are at is what i'm aiming for this summer. How much cardio are you doing a week?

  10. Just started doin 20-30 min before food 4-5 times a week the last couple weeks. Up until then it was just diet.

  11. Great pics man. Good symmetry
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  12. Quote Originally Posted by jd2jr View Post
    Just started doin 20-30 min before food 4-5 times a week the last couple weeks. Up until then it was just diet.
    First, congratz on your shape man, you're surely an inspiration for many users here.

    I think I'm done with bulking and want to cut too, but I'm still researching, just to make sure I hold the muscles. You seem to be achieving that pretty well.

    So I have to ask you: since you're doing the cardio on empty stomach, are they low or high intensity? What are you doing for cardio?

    P.S.-> sry for any language mistakes I might have committed. I'm not an english native speaker, but I did the best I could to write everything right.

  13. My cardio is mainly treadmill with walking at 3.2 mph at a 5 incline and then jogging at 4.4 mph at the same incline. I will bounce back and forth between walking and jogging every few minutes for approx 1.5 miles or so. Kinda like HIIT but no as intense. I'm not much of a runner so jogging is rough enough.
  14. updated pics

    Ok guys here are pis from last night. Exactly 4 weeks to go. I need some other points of view besides my wifes. She knows where i came from but has no idea what i need to look like on stage. How do you guys think i will do? Gonna come in at the bottom of middleweight probably 158 lbs and hoping in the low 4's on bf.
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  15. Looking great! / Hell loose a few more and go lightweight!.. you be the biggest in the class and smoke the class!.. good luck!.

  16. You look like you're right on schedule, keep working hard and make conditioning your number one prirortiy and you will be ripped... You have good size so no worried there, just keep going the way you're going and youl will be very pleased with the results...
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  17. Quote Originally Posted by jd2jr View Post
    Just started doin 20-30 min before food 4-5 times a week the last couple weeks. Up until then it was just diet.
    I would up your cardio to 40-45 minutes daily on the stepmill. The reason is the judges at NPC shows dont give you much time to pose even during pre judging. You need to be spot on. Your lower back and glute/hams need to be shredded. I would also try to incorporate some wide grip pull ups to flare your lats out a bit more. Keep practicing your posing almost daily now after you train. You will be exhausted but its expected. Drink lots of water and on last week get ready to drop your water.

    Do you have your posing music. 60 seconds, no cuss words. Practice your routine to your music, and then pracitice your Manditory poses. Good luck bro. You look good. Remember, your first show unless you look like PHIL HEATH is about learning how to be better at your next show.
  18. Update w/pics

    20 days to go. What do you think? I am right around 159-160 and under 6% I think. Cheap calipers! I'm trying to get under 154.4 to make lightweight. Carbs are down to 115'ish and total cals 1700. Going 1600 for the rest of the week to try to cut more. Been doing 40+ min of cardio EVERY day and working out still 3 on 1 off. Strength is fading fast and energy is almost gone.
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  19. Congrats BRO!!! You are almost there. Now, Keep in touch with me. What thermogenic are you using now? I would change it to ANIMAL CUTS The last week, because of its water shedding abilities. You have a bit of water in you, but it will be gone come stage time if you do it right. Your tan and cutting your water will make your cuts much more visible. Now, Dont eat too little because you could end up flat on stage. Dont worry too much about your weight class now. You will drop that much from cutting water.
    Keep your protein high and keep eating veggies until last week. Now, Sunday of your last week cut your carbs down to around 50. Eat chicken, fish, eggs, and steak, and veggies. Drink lots of water. 2 gallons or so, thru wed. Thurs. cut it to 1 gallon, and friday cut it to no more than 1/2 gallon, and saturday just sips.

    I took TARAXATONE, and animal cuts the last 3 days, and sauna as needed. Take potassium caps 2-3 times daily to prevent cramping. It will be hard to flex and pose if you dont. You should be practicing posing a lot the last week which will help squeeze out water. Your quads, hams, and glutes especially.

    Before you go to bed on the night before the show, drink 1 part vodka, and one part black coffee. lol. it works. ronnie coleman and kevin levrone did it. keep in touch man.
  20. 10 day update w/pics

    Alright i have 10 days to go. I measure in the mid 5's but I think i'm closer to 6, cheap caliper!! Anyway what do you think? I'm right at 155 in the am and need to be under 154 to weigh in at 6 in the evening. It's gettin rough and i'm hungry alot from cardio everyday and low cals but I'm almost there. I would like to make it clear that i have ALOT of respect for anyone who can go through this. It's a challenge to say the least. Anyway i'll try to update one more time a few days out.
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  21. A few posing tips if you would like...

    In all your side poses, squeeze your leg facing the judges into your other leg, and focus on flexing the quad only. This will make your legs appear much larger.

    In your rear poses, extend your back leg further back. Also externally rotate your leg a bit, this will help to fire the glutes and hams a little better.

    In your side chest pose, try bringing the elbow of your flexed arm back a little further, and bring your hand up a bit higher. It will give your bicep a larger peak.

    In your ab and thigh pose, you may want to try straightening out your front leg a bit more, maybe not.. play around with it a bit.

    In your lat spread, try bringing your elbows more forward. It should help you appear a bit wider.

    Finally, you have a bit of a thicker waist, like me, so you may want to try changing up your most muscular from a crab style to something more like kevin levrone used (google image it).

    Keep up the good work. Best of luck in your competition. These last 10 days are going to suck, but the post contest binge will be more than worth it.
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  22. Good posing advice from Legacy. Took the words right out of my mouth. Remember keep drinking a lot of water now, until last 3 days. wednesday have as many as 2 gallons, Thursday cut to half that and friday just enough to get food down. Stop training after wednesday and only posing practice throughout the day thursday and Friday. Just relax put on color, and eat. Do you have your plan for carb up? Also do your last shave wednesday evening, or thursday morning. Then start putting on color. Unless you are going to get sprayed at the show. Remember to eat the morning of the show too. Layne norton recommends it. You wont spill over from it. I ate pancakes, eggs, and a little bit of black coffee to get it down. I took PLASMA JET, with some coke too before pumping up. Just and Idea. GOOD LUCK BRO!!!!

  23. How are the last few days of prep going?

    I'm about 5 weeks out from my first contest (April 23rd), and really liked seeing this thread. Best of luck, looking good!
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  24. Looking great considering the lighting in these pics
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  25. hey man - just saw this - hope you had a blast in your contest - you really ripped it up so you should be really proud of that! props dude.


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