razor burn...

  1. razor burn...

    Hey guys, I've always shaved before comp, never used wax or nair(atleast not for comp purposes). Problem is I always get razor burn in the same spot, no matter how many times I shave this same spot it never gets use to the razor(the spot being right below my belly button or the pelvic) Its the only damn place on my body I get razor burn, sometimes its not bad but sometimes its get pretty bad. I'm guessing because its a sensitive area? anyone else haave this problem? anyone know how to counter it? thanks

  2. Yes I have the same issue. Well atleast not for competition purposses. I have very sensitive skin. And I mean my whole body. I get razor burn on my face sometimes when shaving. When I went to my dermatilogist he had me get a shaving cream that is for sensitive skin( It's a gel that is a lot slimeyer than reg shaving cream) and also get Aveeno Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer . Put it on immediately after shaving( Also Store it in your fridge to increase the CALMING effect) Works wonders for me good luck

  3. thanks man I'll give it try.

  4. Neosporin as after shave really helps reduce redness and bumps.

  5. moisturizing is key

  6. Yea, I use to shave just by damping my face or chest with water then adding shaving cream. Bumps 24/7.

    I then sat in a warm bath for like 10 minutes with my face in there too, then started to shave, awesome. Lots of aftershave LOTION or just lotion afterwards too.


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