Best Self tanning options?

  1. Best Self tanning options?

    Hello everyone, I am going to be doing my first show the first week in May, and am trying to figure out what the better self tanning options are as i am quickly and unfortunately running out of funds for the show. WOW this is not a poor man's sport. But it can make you one. LOL

    I have a pretty good base tan already, I have been tanning for about a month and I get pretty dark naturally. I don't think I will need to "radically" change my color as much as some others and I "think" having a base tan is supposed to help with some of the orangish colors but I just don't want to go on too light and look washed out or be up there looking like the Great Pumpikin. Maybe in a November show as a posing theme but not now...

    Has anyone tried the spray tanning packages at a tanning salon? I hear they use the DHA that is used at the shows with a spray on gun in those rooms so I am thinking about that and paying for the person there at the show to do a touch up coat does this sound feasible. I would really like to hear from someone who has experience using one of these whether from competition or just to get a tan for a function.

    Also as far as self application products go, what is the best and easiest to use? I read about, and was recommended to use Dream Tan by a couple of people does anyone know much about it? Any recomendations would be great! I am a newb to competing and am running out of funds PLEASE help make this a little easier and affordable on this here newb...
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  2. go to muscular development and search tanning or ProTan or Dream Tan. Those guys know theier stuff SOLID over there on tanning. From how to get it off to how to keep it from running, all kinds of tricks.

  3. Hey thanks a lot fo the info! I will head over that way and check it out.
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  4. melanotan plus a couple bed sessions

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Rugger View Post
    melanotan plus a couple bed sessions
    to much chance of sides, not safe for the skin as a quick hit in the bed and some wipe on tan is.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by MentalTwitch View Post
    to much chance of sides, not safe for the skin as a quick hit in the bed and some wipe on tan is.
    one of my buddies doesnt this he works in a doctors office and gets this stuff. he got real tan.

    I usually am not big on tanning however, for a special event , like a show, get that skinned tanned either outside or tanning bed and I like pro-tan better. I ddid three applications and that worked well. Layne Norton recommends pro tan red bronzer. never used it myself pro tan always worked for me.

    nothing and I mean nothing feels better than lying out in open nature soaking in sun on a towell (I use a label cloth and pillow) this is the best imho if you have time. not too long. maybe a half an hour and you turn on your sides to get your whole body. Ive been doing these and love it. beach is ideal for the breeze, sound of the waves..I dont live near a beach so i do it and hear nature's animals. its mediative as peaceful. I recommend it APR50 50 % off
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  7. You may want to try a couple of mystic tan sessions (i.e., spray tans) at a local tanning salon. Tell them that you are competing in a show and ask if they are willing to give you a discount in exchange for spreading the word about their services at the show. You can find a location offering mystic tan at

    I would go with a mystic/spray tan option rather than any of the personal tanning options leading up to the show as to avoid that horrible orange color you mentioned. Once you have got a good base plus mystic, then go with Jan Tana around show time. Best of luck! Let us know how you do!


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