marks from shaving body hair? help

  1. marks from shaving body hair? help

    well i shave my arms and chest and legs.. however on my chest i seem to have alot of purple marks? There not ingrown hairs there not bumpy or anything they were.. but tthey just turned purple?

    anyone got any suggestions ive tried using bump patrol and it seems to be working decent.

  2. try shaving after a hot shower, or in the shower. Afterwards towel dry, and then apply baby oil. If you are shaving for a future show than laying in the tanning bed should help. It helped me. hope this helped

  3. Shower shaver for life! I don't even shave my face if I'm not in the shower.
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  4. goood suggestions guys i keep my blades in the shower and use this extra sensitive conditioner as shaving cream for my arms WOW my arms are so homo off course haha..

    and my chest ive been shaving it and using bump patrol then at night i use acne medication and put that on that helps with past marks from ingrown hairs when i would just shave it at the sink yikes haha.

  5. Sounds like stretch marks.

  6. nah maan there not stretch marks there like lil spots but using this acne cream its been going off and bump stoper as shaving is working wonders.

  7. I use a little benadryl cream in the areas that usually get affected right after the shave. bumps, no itch.
  8. vadox6466
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    i think a tanning bed would be your best bet.. i get the same thing otherwise -_-

  9. when i did my contest i got similar marks on my stomach from shaving and it took a few months for them to go away =(

    Shaving gives you a whole new apprecation for woman though doesn't it!


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