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  1. Ive looked into lazering. It averages $3000-8000 pending amount of hair and bodypart size.
    Its multiple sessions. One about every 4-6 months i think it was.
    If i EVER have the extra cash i will be doing it. Maybe my legs at least.
    I only shave my stomach and face. I use a womens bic disposable. I used to have issues but once you start doing it more and every 2-3 days then youre fine. Except my bellow belt area, it is just to sensitive and i get the bumps still.
    Also consider how you are doing it. With the hair, against, side ways and speed. I use Body wash by Aveeno, not shave cream. Its all natural and leaves my skin in awesome condition.

    I hate my hair.

  2. I use Veet and a exfoliating glove, it's very very effective and simple and I am a pretty hairy guy. They even have a milder one for sensitive skin and it works just as good as the regular one. It doesn't burn but is very very cold when applied. It does not smell anywhere near as bad as these products used to.
    Unremarkable is no way to go through life... Doug

  3. Look into the Tria. It's a DIY hair removal laser that is FDA approved. My wife and I love it. About 5 treatments on the highest setting, and the hair is gone for good.


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