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    Hey guys,
    I just found out about a photo shoot that I have on friday afternoon and I'm wanting to look as ripped as possible. I've got the diet down and I'm taking MHP's diuretic formula which is a good one. My question is about puffiness. I sometimes will get a little puffy in my midsection. It's usually not water retention it's just kind of... for lack of a better word inflamed. Kind of like the lack of definition in your legs the day after a hard workout.

    My question is would taking an anti-inflammatory like Ibuprofen help to reduce that inflammation and flatten me out? Thanks for your help

  2. Why would your midsection become inflamed? Even if it was, that means its drawing water there...Losing water isnt always a great idea at the last minute, as it can create a flat appearance at a photo careful or you'll do the opposite of what you want.


  3. well it's not really inflamed. I just couldn't think of a better word. Puffy is the best way to say it. It only happens sometimes but i was just trying to avoid the problem before it started. Im not too worried about looking flat as this is a modeling shoot not a bodybuilding shoot. I actually have to try to keep my muscle size under control for these things so a little flatness won't hurt.

  4. A lot of contest BBers will not workout certain muscles for a couple days before a contest, to keep from having that "inflamed" look.

    I dont know if thats your specific quandary, but maybe it will help.

  5. Hi bro, im a fitness model here in russia, and my bro is european fitness champion, before photo shoots i never use a diuretic unless im really watery.
    I use now glycerol monosearate, the stuff in glycer grow, as 3 gramms 2 hours before a photo shoot gets you looking really ripped but a bit fuller too.
    I take 10 mg of epistane as its an anti-e, and it is good for vascularity because of this, i start taking this a week out from a photo shoot.
    i use gbl, as this like ghb, is metabolised into ghb, and apart from the nice sleep it provides, drys me out very quicklt, and cuts me up.
    T3 on the day of the photo shoot is another good fix.
    If you have inflamation, on the midsection, its water like holy said, or it could be because your holding carbs in that area, cut out carbs the week of your shoot, as carbs hold water in the muscle.
    Werd Russian.



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