Dermacrine - lethary, flu like symptoms

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    i think if you are good at 1 pump then you should stay there, believe it or not but there are guys who buy dermacrine just to use at 1 pump daily. makes dermacrine very economical.
    When I go over 3 pumps I feel the same way. I think my sweet spot is 2.
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    Well positive results - in that I don't feel deathly ill like I get at 2 pumps and I only tried 5 days with 1 pump. Not quite the results I am seeking. I doubt 1 pump (if I can handle that for say a month) will amount to anything. What do you think? And do you think I would get the same effect off say X1-KT (iron legion 11 keto) or Ostarine (20mg)?
    XI-KT, Ostarine and Dermacrine are all completely different.

    I'm not totally familiar with Ostarine and haven't used it, but I am currently nearing the end of a two bottle cycle of XI-KT. You still get some cortisol suppression with Dermacrine, but XI-KT is more geared directly towards cortisol reduction for fat loss and lean mass sparing.
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