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The Most Powerful LEGAL Anabolic Mass Stack!
METHA-DROL EXTREME™ is a very potent combination of three pro-anabolics, Methylsten, Dymethazine, and a very potent pro-hormone called Methoxygonadiene (aka Max LMG). This stack is quite powerful and is not intended for new users of pro-anabolics. METHA-DROL EXTREME™ is a newly formulated anabolic "MASS STACK" engineered and designed to increase muscularity via multiple pathways. METHA-DROL EXTREME™ incorporates a combination of several anabolic synergistic compounds that target multiple receptor sites resulting in dramatic gains in Mass and Strength from one workout to the next level. Dymethazine has been proven in a study to be more anabolic (muscle building) than the anabolic Anadrol. Dymethazine is essentially two Suprdrol molecules that are bonded by an azine bridge that is broken down once ingested freeing both of the Suprdrol molecules, therefore this stack of Dymethazine and Methylsten yields an amazingly powerful effect. Additionally METHA-DROL EXTREME™ contains a strong pro-hormone Methoxygonadiene (aka Max LMG) which is considered slightly stronger than the anabolic Nandrolone. Lastly, we have included 6,7-dihydroxybergamottin (DHB) which is a naturally occurring Nettle Root that prevents the breakdown of Methylxanthines and other metabolites in the gut. DHB also prevents the body from becoming 'tolerant'to certain metabolites. When you take DHB, you'll need less of each ingredient to get beneficial effects, and the results you get will be even more pronounced.

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*With Methadrol we recommend you use GEAR SUPPORT and ERADICATE*

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