New Products Thread and Discount Coupon!

  1. New Products Thread and Discount Coupon!


    BCAA Capsules (tired of drinking BCAA drinks and looking for an alternative?) Try BCAA capsules sold in bulk, lots of 500 or 1000.****411

    Beta Alanine Capsules, everyone’s favorite endurance supplement has made it into big capsule lots at BSL and is dirt cheap to boot ****399


    Our latest addition to the powder line is a lean gainer based on the Xtreme Formulations Ultra Peptide protein component. We ran the first two batches in cookies&cream and banana cream and the taste is simply to die for. Check it out here:****412

    And as usual I couldn’t complete an announcement without offering some sort of discount of our own. For the next week, enter AM10 in the comments field of any order and receive a 10% discount which will be calculated and therefore deducted at the time of processing the credit card.

    That and we have extended the raffle for the brand new 2007 Harley Davidson anniversary Sportster to include tickets into the final raffle drawing with items purchased form the BSL site as well! See website for full contest details.

  2. i got my tickets, yea!! What are my chances, 1:1,000,000?

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