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  1. Yeah, I kind of fell of the face of the planet here. It's been super crazy!!! My wife just started a new job and we're taking our kid to daycare for the first time ever (she's almost 5 months). My workout schedule has changed back from mornings to evenings, but even that hasn't been happening because on top if my wife's now 30 minute commute she's been having to work overtime to get her dept caught up.

    Belly aching aside, I love formeron and prolactron. I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for support while they are taking compounds with estro and prolact issues. In fact, I was running multiple compounds at the same time that had all of that and not once did I have any issues. The topical application is different and took some getting used to, but I've since even migrated to topical PH's.

    The cycle went really well. And I made some decent gains and burned some fat. Here's a pic from a couple weekends ago.

  2. Nice! Glad you enjoyed em.
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