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    I'm sorry for your family, man. I assume everyone got out of the area safely?
    Yeah they did. No thanks to authorities though. They were just starting to learn about the fire by the time it reached their house. The only reason my mother-in-law and brother made it out in time is because my wife's uncle called them.

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    Yeah they did. No thanks to authorities though. They were just starting to learn about the fire by the time it reached their house. The only reason my mother-in-law and brother made it out in time is because my wife's uncle called them.
    Unfortunate man. Glad they're safe though. That's what counts
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  3. Something in the air lately; another log I'm following right now: the OP just got mugged... Craziness...

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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Sean1332 View Post
    Unfortunate man. Glad they're safe though. That's what counts
    Yes it is!
    Quote Originally Posted by nostrum420 View Post
    Something in the air lately; another log I'm following right now: the OP just got mugged... Craziness...
    I know! Sucks he got the run around from his cell phone company after the incident too!

  5. 06/12/2013 - PHAT - Back and Shoulders Hypertrophy

    Todays back and shoulder workout was rugged! My wife was still pretty upset about yesterdays fire this morning when I initially said goodbye to her to head to the gym (understandably so). So, I stayed in bed and cuddled and talked with her about it for a while until she felt better. A little before 6am she said that I better get to the gym (best wife ever!!!). So, I took off and hit the weights with a vengeance so I could get back to the house in time for a shower and food before needing to leave for work. It takes me about 20 min to get to work, so Im usually out the door by 730a.

    Anyways, today was my first back and shoulders hypertrophy day. I went a little heavy on some stuff as you will see from the workout reps. I will definitely be adjusting for next time. I usually train shoulders before back and Layne had them set up the other way in his template. Normally, I would switch, but I think my back could use the extra attention compared to my shoulders. I really liked the exercise layout and I had the craziest pumps in my lats. Although hitting back first did affect my pressing strength a little, thats not what this day is about. I dont think it hindered my ability to pump them up effectively. Heres how things went down:

    6x3, 65-75%
    Bent Over Rows - 185x6x3

    Chin-ups - 222x3x8

    Seated Cable Row - 60x3x12

    Rear Smith Shrugs - 205x10,11

    Straight Arm Pulldowns - 65x15, 50x15,14

    Seated Military - 115x12,12,10

    Dumbbell Upright Rows - 35x15,12, 25x13

    Rear Machine Laterals - 100x15,15, 85x15

    One thing I may change after today is the order of the shoulder exercises. I really need more rear and side delts. So, I think Ill start with them and finish with presses for a while and see how it goes. I find rears to be a good finishing movement for the upper back as well anyways.

    06/11/2013 - Diet

    The diet is going well. Yesterday saw a little variation because I had to run up to our corporate office in Golden and I was running short on time after my workout. So, instead of having my eggs for my mid-morning and afternoon meals, I had a protein bar and single scoop protein shake instead. I dont normally like having this much protein powder in a single day, but its better than missing meals. We also were a little naughty for supper given the craziness. My wife has been wanting to try out a mac and cheese recipe that mimics Noodles and Company for a while now. So, she bought the fixens and I whipped up a batch. Didnt taste exactly like theres, but I thought it was actually better. I didnt eat too much of it (probably like a small portion at the restaurant), but it was still more than I should have.

    Here’s how it went:

    M1: 1cp Pumpkin Flax Granola, 1/4cp milk, 1 scoop protein powder
    M2: 1 Throw-back Dr. Pepper, 1 scoop Protein powder
    M3: 2 ¼ cps Captain Crunch Berries, 1/4cp milk, 1 scoop protein powder
    M4: Chocolate Peanut Butter Builders Bar, 1 scoop protein powder
    M5: Salmon and portabella mushroom salad
    M6: same as 4
    M7: Small portion homemade Mac and Cheese, 4oz chicken

    Calories - 2759 (goal - 2300)
    Fat - 78 (goal 60-75)
    Carbs - 243 (goal 90-180)
    Protein - 249 (265-330)

    Even though Ive gone over my goal the last couple days, looking in the mirror already I see some changes. Ill be taking progress pics this weekend. I think Ill be happy with where things are going.

  6. 06/14/2013 - PHAT Chest and Arms Hypertrophy

    Had a great rest and reefed day yesterday, and Im back at it this morning. Today was Chest and Arms Hypertrophy day. It was a good way to start my morning too. I was a little tired this morning and moving a little slow so I didnt get my full morning meal regiment, but it didnt affect the workout given yesterdays calorie and carb boost. Im also considering taking one 25g dose of morning protein out and adding it in to before bed, but thats not how Layne had it. So, Im a little torn over whether or not to do that. Im definitely sore and tired from the week, but its felt so nice hitting things hard and heavy again. I will be taking week one pics on Sunday. Heres what happened in the gym:

    6x3, 65-75% of Power
    Flat Barbell - 155+2x30lb chains,3,3,3,3,3,3

    Incline Dumbbell - 80,12,12,10

    Hammer Strength Incline - 90,15,15,15

    Machine Fly - 100,20,20

    Preacher Curls - 75,8,8,8
    Overhead Extensions - 95,8;75,8,8

    Rope Hammer Curls - 57.5,12;42.5,12
    Rope Pressdowns - 57.5,12,12

    Dumbbell Curls - 20,20,20
    Rope Kickbacks - 20,15,15


  7. 06/15/2013 - PHAT Lower Body Hypertrophy

    Man am I sore today! I killed my legs on Saturday with my father-in-law. I always push myself harder with him. We feed off of each other and it has shown me how much my intensity had been lacking last week especially on the hypertrophy days. Time to get serious and really start going for it! Here is what we did:

    4x10-15 (number of plates)
    Calf Presses 10x13,12,12,10

    3x15-20 (number on weight stack)
    Machine Calf - 5x15,15;4x16

    Romanian Deadlift - 135x12,12,12

    Lying Leg Curl - 110x15,13

    6x3, 65-75%
    Squats - 235x3,3,3;245x3,3,3

    3x8-12 (number of plates)
    Hack Squats - 6x12,12,10

    2x12-15 (number on weight stack)
    Machine Leg Press - 15x15,12,12

    Sissy Squats - BWx15,15,15

    Those speed squats were pretty sweet. I was pushing that 245 so hard that it was lifting off my traps. I am definitely going to have to increase the weight on them a little next time. I had a great weekend. I kept to my diet on Saturday, and had a great refeed this Sunday. I have a nice little carb bloat going on and am looking forward to slamming some heavy weights on Monday.

    Here is my progress pics. Mind you, these were taken after a large breakfast.

  8. Thick
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  9. 06-17-2013 - PHAT Upper Body Power - Week 2

    Well, over the weekend I figured out that I was holding back. I lifted legs with my Father-in-law on Saturday and he is very competitive. We pushed each other hard, and I am sore!!! But it inspired me to push harder today. It felt really good pushing the weights that I did today and I definitely blew some of last weeks lifts out of the water! My finger was feeling good. I would say I have got about 90% mobility back. I think that I need to add some more warm ups to the first exercises on this day. I had a little grinding in my left shoulder, but no pain. I will have to keep an eye on it. I only did two warm-up sets and I think I will throw in a third. Tomorrow is Lower Body Power. And I can tell you this, my calves will not be looking forward to it. Here is what I did today:

    Flat Barbell - 275x5,5,5
    TBar Rows - 270x5,5,5

    Incline Dumbbell - 100x8,8
    Pulldowns - 90x8,8

    Chin-up - 224x6,6
    Push Press - 185x6,6
    Barbell Curls - 90x8,8
    Lying French Press - 105x8,7


    I am back at it today with my diet. Here is what I have eaten and plan to eat:

    M1: 2 Packets maple and brown sugar steel cut oats with flax(60g carbs, 5g fat, 10g pro), 1 scoop protein (25g pro)

    M2: 1 packet Gatorade (30g carbs), 1 scoop protein (25g pro), 4g BCAAs

    M3: 1 cp Frosted Mini Spooners (45g carbs, 5g pro, 1g fat), 1 scoop protein (25g pro), 1 navel orange (17g carbs, 1g pro)

    M4: ½ tbsp coconut oil (7g fat), 2 eggs (2g carbs, 15g fat, 14g pro), 1 cp egg whites (1g carb, 27g pro)

    M5: Grilled Chicken Salad

    M6: ½ tbsp coconut oil (7g fat), 2 eggs (2g carbs, 15g fat, 14g pro), 1 cp egg whites (1g carb, 27g pro)

    M7: Steak and Veggies

    Even though I have been eating at a deficit the majority of the week and feel like I have lost some bf. I actually managed to gain weight. Last week on Monday I weighed in at 221 and today I weighed 224. I am going to keep things tight this week and only allow a single refeed day on the weekend.


    I still have some time left with the Formeron and Prolactron. Both are doing exactly what I need them to do. I am taking 100mg of trest and 125 of LMG daily. I only have 6 days left on the LMG. After that, I will transition to Tvar. I will be doing a sponsored cycle of Epi-Andro RX soon though and will use it as a bridge to this cycle. It is supposed to be a good cutter. So it should serve my purposes very well. When it comes in, I will be dropping everything else and running it solo at 3 or 4 caps a day. I am leaning on 4 though since I have been going so high on everything else. I am still doing 2 scoops of Cellucor and 12.5 mg of Cialis as my preworkouts. I am really surprised at how long the Cellucor has lasted me even at two scoops.

    Here is my post epic refeed day look:

  10. Any final thoughts on the products brother?

  11. Yeah, I kind of fell of the face of the planet here. It's been super crazy!!! My wife just started a new job and we're taking our kid to daycare for the first time ever (she's almost 5 months). My workout schedule has changed back from mornings to evenings, but even that hasn't been happening because on top if my wife's now 30 minute commute she's been having to work overtime to get her dept caught up.

    Belly aching aside, I love formeron and prolactron. I definitely recommend them to anyone looking for support while they are taking compounds with estro and prolact issues. In fact, I was running multiple compounds at the same time that had all of that and not once did I have any issues. The topical application is different and took some getting used to, but I've since even migrated to topical PH's.

    The cycle went really well. And I made some decent gains and burned some fat. Here's a pic from a couple weekends ago.

  12. Nice! Glad you enjoyed em.
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