1. ANABOLIC STEROID ACT 2012 update

    Anabolic steroid act 2012

    In July 2012 a bill was proposed that would pretty much wipe all of the PH/ds and AI supps off the market and turned policing of the supp industry over to the dea. IN addition language in the bill made it so that they could literally call creatine or DAA a steroid because it was used for muscle gain and arrest you for having or selling it. It looked grim and like it was bound to pass.

    As of now, it appears that the bill DID NOT PASS. Note status listed as DEAD and its stated here that it was not enacted. Looks like everyone can breathe a sigh of relief for now....

    Designer Anabolic Steroid Control Act of 2012 (2012; 112th Congress S. 3431) -
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  2. Good thing. That would of been horrible.

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  3. To think i'd lose formeron. I can sleep easier now haha.

  4. I feel like at least once a year some new bill is attempting to virtually cripple the supp industry under the guise of steroid control. Who keeps writing these?

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