Just Got My Formeron From Np!!

  1. Just Got My Formeron From Np!!

    FINALLY... After 2 weeks I finally got it.

    Now... The container is beat to hell and back and the first couple of doses were very grainy (unlike any other transdermal I have used) and left glittery crystals on my chest and collarbone.

    My question is..... Did Nutra send me a "bad batch" due to storage or handling issues, or is this typical of the products.

  2. I've had that before. I just shook it and it went away. Your batch is good. It happens to me more with out clean skin too. If you haven't, try after a shower!

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  3. The bottles can get banged up in shipping but the contents are fine.
    It is grainy. There will be a residue of crystals. THis is normal.
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