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  1. Currently #1 is in testing.....or basically everyone I know is eating it. So far it looks like its too strong and we are gonna have to cut the dose way down but its certainly working well.

    This one will be coming soon with another to follow about 8 weeks after hopefully.
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  2. Quote Originally Posted by delphiachu
    supplements are good for health or not? i heard it hve so many side effects that cause unhealthy or internal disease.
    Supplements are fine as long as you treat them with respect just like every medicine. *looks at people who overdosed by taking too many of the old ephedrine hydroxycut
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  3. THis is too broad of a question.
    There are thousands of supplements designed for everything from vit d deficiencies to sleeplessness.
    If, you already have plenty of vit-d in your system too much can be harmful.
    If you already sleep well and take a sleep aid youll be groggy the next day.

    UNderstand what something does before you put it in your mouth and youll be fine.
    ALWAYS adhere to labeled dose recommendations.
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  4. How are the new products coming along?

  5. Very good actually. We have anew product currently being manufactured.
    We tested it extensively. In ALL of our test subjects the product performed above expectations.
    Maybe another month or less before its ready for public sales.

    Sorry. No hints
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  6. Nice, can't wait Brundel. BLR seems like the type of company that won't just put out a "me too" product but even if you did, I'd certainly consider buying out just based on your reputation and how well you have executed the other items in your product line. Best if luck to you in 2013.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by brundel View Post
    Sorry. No hints
    Ok.. now when you say no hints, what do you mean?
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