Gone for the time being

  1. Gone for the time being

    AM Members,

    Unfortunately we will be taking a break from advertising on the national level in order to focus on building our company a stronger foundation and promoting in the southern california area. Anabolicminds.com has a great forum and I know for a fact we will be back on the board once the company is in a position to do so.

    All Beta-BCAA and Carnivore testers will still receive their products and if they could do the promo thread over at the other place that would be greatly appreciated. If not this forum is still a great place to post them!

    I appreciate everybody's support with our company and you can always send me an email to [email protected] to get in touch with me.


  2. Bummer. I'll log on both sites.
    Bulk Performance Solutions
    --No Proprietary Blends, All Performance--

    ***NOW @ NP***

  3. Good luck guys. I know you will be back soon.

  4. Hopefully your absence will be short. Good luck on bigger and better things for BBS.

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