KJ's Road to Recovery with PCT Complete (sponsored)

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  1. WOW......not one reply.....i figured people would be all over this like flies on S. Oh well. Anyway guys....the ride was fun. I wish I had another pack of this stuff so I could continue to run it for another month. I am still making gains and I am getting leaner. As I said before.....any question...feel free to ask.

  2. The pics I promised

    These did not come out as well as I hoped.....not sure why I am posting them but I guess why not:
    I have been cutting so my chest mass is down a bit more than I would like but Ill post the NOW pick and then end of my bulk pic as well.
    END bulk @ 235
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  3. Well even though you didn't get the all the tests you hoped, the results you did get certainly prove that you're recovered and doing very well!

    Glad you enjoyed your cycle and PCT, and it's been great following it.

    Glad to see the progress pictures too! Thanks for posting them even if you're disappointed with the quality of them

  4. Solid, very good results!


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