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    Things have been going excellent. I feel more than recovered at this point. Usually after PCT I feel recovered like...back to baseline recovered. At this point I feel like I am running a test booster solo. Good sh1t guys! A real winner here. With two days left all I can say as I wish i could run another 30 days. Blood work has been scheduled to be drawn on Monday the 5th. I hope the numbers back up what I am feeling. I can't imagine feeling this good without the levels to back it up. I will be interested in Total T, Free T, Estradiol. I will also post some liver values if I can talk the doc into pulling those as well. I recently had a metabolic panel done with a CBC, and electrolytes and all were well within normal ranges. Ill try to get the numbers for you. Recently meaning a week ago. The hormone panel will cover all the bases.....will update again and post some Pics.....even though I didn't take any pre-PCT.....Just to show what I am working with......you know....not the fat guy who makes up logs and sells his **** on EBay....yes that has happened before by people on this board.....and everyone wonders why they promise pics and never post them....anyway enough of my babbling....later

    Nice !!! Its been awesome having you test our product Looking forward to the lab results when you get them. Im very happy you enjoyed the product and that you were able to lose fat while retaining muscle. Keep your eyes open for other opps in the future.

  2. "Nice !!! Its been awesome having you test our product Looking forward to the lab results when you get them. Im very happy you enjoyed the product and that you were able to lose fat while retaining muscle. Keep your eyes open for other opps in the future."

    No doubt...will absolutely look for more opportunities to test for you guys!

  3. You've done a great job!
    Glad you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed following

    Psyched to see blood tests too!
  4. Unhappy The fun has come to an end....

    SO yesterday was my official last day of my test of BBS PCT COMPLETE. I will be giving my final review tommorrow and will be having blood taken on MOnday. Results should be in by Wednesday or Thursday. Its been a fun ride and I once again thank BBS for this oppurtunity. Will update tomorrow.
  5. Exclamation The moment you've all been waiting for.........

    The blood work results are in...............and not surprisingly........AMAZING!

    I do not have a print out as the test was in-house for my doc. He emailed the results and in his words..."Your a very healthy 27 year old male." Normal ranges are in paranthesis followed by my numbers:

    Estradiol (0-53) 18
    Testosterone, Serum (241-827) 598 <--- was high 600's 8 months ago
    DHEA Sulfate (120-520) 286
    Estrone , Serum (12-72) 30
    SHBG (13-71) 21

    I am a little irritated with my doc as I asked him to check total Free test and percentage but he did not put it in obviously. I think these results speak for them selves.

    My cycle was 21 days of SD @ 10mg/day for those who didn't follow along and are seeing this.

    Final Review I give this product a 9 of 10. The only reason it didn't get a 10 out of 10 is because I did not see the large boost in libido that I usually get towards the end of PCT. Everything else about this just flat out works. Price point for these kind of results is spot on. Packaging is the most convenient of any product I have every used....period. This is a true winner guys. No more complaining about multiple bottle for PCT. This has it all!

    I would like to thank BBS first and foremost for this opportunity. I hope that this log has been infromative and will help many people out in the future. I would test another product for you guys in a heart beat. For those reading....questions? Ask away....

    PS- I didn't forget about pics.....will post tommorrow or Friday at the latest.....until then.......

  6. WOW......not one reply.....i figured people would be all over this like flies on S. Oh well. Anyway guys....the ride was fun. I wish I had another pack of this stuff so I could continue to run it for another month. I am still making gains and I am getting leaner. As I said before.....any question...feel free to ask.
  7. The pics I promised

    These did not come out as well as I hoped.....not sure why I am posting them but I guess why not:
    I have been cutting so my chest mass is down a bit more than I would like but Ill post the NOW pick and then end of my bulk pic as well.
    END bulk @ 235
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  8. Well even though you didn't get the all the tests you hoped, the results you did get certainly prove that you're recovered and doing very well!

    Glad you enjoyed your cycle and PCT, and it's been great following it.

    Glad to see the progress pictures too! Thanks for posting them even if you're disappointed with the quality of them

  9. Solid, very good results!


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