BBS requests for Nutraplanet?

  1. BBS requests for Nutraplanet?

    I posted this request over in the NP product request thread:

    Quote Originally Posted by RoadBlocK View Post
    Any BBS stuff going to be coming?
    The Official Product Request Thread

    And the great and powerful Steveoph posted this:

    Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    You're the first to ask If anybody else is interested in specific products of their, please chime in.
    The Official Product Request Thread

    I should get a prize for being the first to ask!!(maybe some C-BOLIC)

    But seriously, NOBODY else asked yet? C'mon now, you BBS guys have a wide spectrum of products to offer, but I guess if theres no demand, then Nutra wont carry BBS stuff. I cant imagine that NO ONE else is looking forward to trying at least a couple of your products.

    I guess the point of this is just to make folks aware, and I assume theres a least some interest, so as Steveoph wrote, chime in over there if you are interested. If people dont ask how is Nutra ever gonna know what people want!

    PHF Rep

  2. Thanks for the post! We sincerely appreciate it. We do offer products for just about everyone and also have some amazing products on the way.

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