Pharmaceutical Grade Anti-Catabolic Agent

We all know the dreads that come with dieting.. loss of strength, low mood, low energy, but the worst of them all? loss of muscle. We work so hard in the gym day after day, workout after workout only to start losing that hard gained muscle at the time we are looking to get ripped. It makes no sense.. why gain the muscle, only to lose it when your trying to get shredded?

Bettery Body Sports has presented the industry with the answer to gaining muscle, while losing fat: C-Bolic. C-Bolic is a patented form of the widely popularized Forskolin. But this isn?t some cheap Indian extract from some foreign supplier.. this is PURE 95% pharmaceutical grade patented ForsLean?. ForsLean?, or the better known Forskolin is a natural compound produced in India which has been shown in several studies to not only reduce fat, but to optimize hormone levels as well as signaling to keep the body in a prime muscle building state.

How does this work you ask?

Answer is simple ? cAMP. Forskolin in the body activates a hormone in the body known as adenlyate cyclase. When this is activated, it goes into its respected cell and increases levels of cAMP (cycle adenosine monophosphate). cAMP was the beauty behind the brains of Ephedrine. Ephedrine (R.I.P.) was well known for its ability to not only burn pound after pound of fat, but to also doing it while sparing muscle. Forskolin works similar to Ephedrine in that it increases levels of cAMP. cAMP in the fat cell triggers a process known as lipolysis, which is the breaking down of fat for use of energy while actually sparing muscle! What does this mean for all you dieters out there? LOSE FAT NOT MUSCLE!

But wait.. it gets better. In a clinical study performed on Forskolin, the users who used 25mg active Forslean? two times a day (total of 50mg) not only lost 9.9 pounds of body fat and gained 8.2 pounds of lean muscle mass.. but their Testosterone levels actually shot up! So now.. we are losing fat, gaining muscle, and increasing levels of testosterone, all at the same time!

If you are dieting, whether it is to just lose the holiday pounds, getting ready for beach season, or are prepping for your next contest, there is no reason why Better Body Sports C-Bolic should not be part of your arsenal!