Better Body Sports wants YOU to experience PHOENIX !!!!!! The newest, most powerful effective fat burner added to our product line.

We would like to introduce to you Phoenix - scientific breakthrough in fat loss, energy, and mood enhacement! Phoenix contains a synergistic blend of herbs and amino acids targeting the many issues that surround fat loss today while combating the action/reaction factors that are associated with ingredients found in other diet pills.

* No Crash
* Jitter free energy

Phoenix contains a series of Phenylethylalamine (PEA) derivitives which have shown to be a very important asset in weight loss supplementation by improving metabolism, reducing stress, suppressing appetite, and increasing energy. Better Body Sports has formulated several analogs of Phenylethylalamine that allow for maximum absorption and slow release effects. On top of this we have included siberian and red korean ginseng so that metabolism of PEA is prevented allowing it to be utilized by the body for fat loss before being broken down and passed through the body.

Acacia Rigidula Extract contains Acacia Alkaloids that readily pass into the brain. Methyl synephrine is an alkaloid that can affect the alpha-adrenergenic receptors and beta-adrenergic receptors. These two compounds further the metabolism effects and appetite suppression of Phoenix.

Not only is Phoenix a very complete fat loss product but we have also kept the consumers health in mind further attacking the action/reaction factors. Fat loss can have a negative impact on the body by increasing free radicals and lowering the immune system. This is bad news because it can result in a loss of muscle tissue which means fewer calories burned through the day! By adding ingredients like ginka biloba, bee pollen, and cats claw we are not leaving anything to chance and giving you necessary compounds to improve your immune system and boost anti-oxidant levels. Even better these compounds also increase metabolism as well! As you can see Phoenix is one of the most complete fat loss formulas too date!