Hey guys, I felt like I had to post a review on your creatine that I picked up about a month and a half ago. I was taking 2 scoops equaling about 5g of creatine, 1 scoop pre and 1 scoop post.

Taste: 8/10 -- the taste was great, it actually tasted kinda of like lemon Gatorade to me and that's a plus since this is the second time I've actually used creatine (first time was universal creatine mono about a year ago, no flavor)

Strength: 7/10 -- the strength part was an indirect plus for me since I'm usually never trying to lift the whole world, more around the lines of staying lean and having muscular endurance. Definitely noticed myself lifting the weights easier by the second week, and pretty much adding around 5-10 pounds to my lifts during my month and a half (still have about 1/4 of a tub left).

Recovery: 9/10 -- this is the part where I felt I loved the four blends of creatine playing a part in restoring the ATP levels. My rest In between sets have definitely improved and killing myself in the gym found myself becoming less and less sore.

No GI issues whatsoever! That was a HUGE plus for me since that first time of trying creatine mono hydrate I definitely got that stomach "bloat", cramps ect... But I love this product, muscles looked fuller starting the second week, since I had to reach that saturation point.

Overall, that's what I was looking for and was very impressed by the results!

Thanks for providing a fantastic product that seemed to fit the bill perfectly for my needs in creatine, even though it's my second time, my expectations were far exceeded.