Current Beast Sports Nutrition specials!

  1. Current Beast Sports Nutrition specials!

    One special that is going to be over soon is the 2Shredded buy two get one free offer for $66.98 on one of our suppliers websites. PM me for more info.

    Another special running right now is the Holiday Gift Packs for Him and Her.
    For her: Amphetalean, Beast Whey, and Beast shaker bottle for $79.95.

    For him: Creature powdered creatine matrix, Beast Mode preworkout, Beast shaker, and Beast t-shirt for $89.95.

    If you guys haven't seen the Beast shaker bottles yet check them out, they're freaking SWEET!

  2. Beast shakers are pretty slick
    Beast Sports Nutrition Representative

  3. Looks pretty slick, still don't have one yet but I would probably use the caps to store my pre and bcaa's

  4. I think I like those 2 Shredded samples I used but I'm stim sensitive so I was dosing only single caps. Taking them in place of energy drinks at work. Long hours. Worked great too!

    Why isn't the full line available at nutraplanet?
    The prices are super steep on your web page! Ouch!

    I need 2 Shredded + Beast mode + Super Sale price! = Win!

  5. Working on getting the rest of the line up on Nutra. Hopefully after the New Year when Aminolytes roll out things will start picking up.
    The prices ARE a little more on the web page, but that seems pretty constant with all supp companies. If you go over to facebook and LIKE Beast Sports you will see a welcome tab on the side, click that, and you'll see a code for 20% off your order

    Also they are doing daily giveaways right now too. Check it out.

  6. Cant wait till everything in the works gets released an we have our full line here. Big things from Beast in 2012!!
    Beast Sports Nutrition Representative

  7. Longhorns has been teasing me with some hints, and I would have to agree! Can't wait.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    Longhorns has been teasing me with some hints, and I would have to agree! Can't wait.
    I just learned of a slew of new things to come.

    Its going to be nuts

    Some great deals can be found, best thing to do is follow our Facebook or try Google shopping. We're working on getting Nutraplanet on board but it seems to be taking forever. Just about every popular brick and mortar and online store is now carrying our full line.

  9. Great deal on Gargantua weight gainer today.
    PM if interested!

  10. Quote Originally Posted by longhornsp View Post
    I know, I was pretty surprised to see it that cheap. A couple people on here picked it up earlier before it hit Nutra at a higher price, seriously just weeks before this lol


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