Furaz white and brown powder?

  1. Furaz white and brown powder?

    I'm currently on a cycle of Furaz and H-Drol, and after first dose I started feeling sick. Had someone tell me to check the pill and see what color the powder was. I opened one and the powder was brown, then I had the same person tell me that when he was on Furaz the powder in his capsules was white. What are the differences and why is it that there are two different powders used in this product?

  2. the sides I had were nausea, got light headed, got the runs, and felt like my heart was running at 100 mph.. Have four bottles of the stuff, blue and white pills. Don't think I can keep taking this product if these sides continue

  3. lot # of bottle 39329

  4. I think the jury is still out on furaz, it has been rumoured there is a decent wack of caffeine in them that at the recommended dose will only give a boost but if your using an effective dose (2-3x) then you could get a caffeine overdose.

    The brown stuff i believe is a rice filler to prevent moisture, there are some threads, search 'fura sides'.

  5. Thanks, yeah I read that thread.. and I was gonna run it at 250, maybe that's why..

  6. I will try and find the answer

    it was posted on the Axis Forum in the staff section but it had been taken down
    Team Orbit


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