I just started a Furazadrol & RAGE T-19 Tren stack. I will be running this stack for 5 weeks. I'm 48, weigh 170 ponds with about 15% BF.

Here is how I plan to dose this stack.

Weeks 1 & 2: 150 MG of Furazadrol & 50 mg of Tren.
Week 3: 150 of Furazadrol & 100 mg of Tren.
Week 4: 200 mg of Furazadrol & 100 mg of Tren
Week 5, 200 mg of Furazadrol; & 50 mg of Tren

My goal is is cut some fat and gain a little lean mass and firm up.

I'm going to be working out 4 to 5 days a week. I will be lifting light on the chest & shoulder days, do to a recovering rotator cup injury, doing sets of 10,12 & 15 reps at 75% of my pre injury weight.

On back, legs, bi"s and tri's I'm going to start with my normal heavy weights and vary my reps from 7 to 10.

Not sure at this time how much cario I will do, but if I do cardio it will be HIIT cardio for 20 minute sessions

It will be intresting to see how this stack works for me.

Has any one tried a Furazadrol & Tren stack....if so how did it work? Also, what dosages of Furazadrol & Tren did you use?