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Smash Fully Loaded Review

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    Thanks to Celc5, who set me up with a few samples of Smash Fully Loaded and Slingshot, I've been able to test some of the Axis line of products. I used the Smash Fully Loaded before playing hockey. I was going to play some drop in on a Saturday night and I was dragging big time, just awful. I think it had something to do with the heat (upper 80s, HIGH humidity). I'm not a heat guy at all, it drains me. I sipped on the Smash on the way to the rink. Well, we only had 5 skaters and 2 goalies, so we played side to side hockey, 2 on 2. I was the oldest guy and two of the guys were NHL draft picks, so I had my hands full. We played for an hour, with one guy rotating out. I played great for an old/fat guy , Energy was outstanding. I can't say much about the pump or my strength, but I had good focus and energy and certainly enjoyed it!

    I'll be back in the gym in a few days and will use the rest of it then and post an update in this thread.

    Thanks once again to Celc5, he's doing a great job of representing Axis!

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    I'll sub into any thread where I trick people into complimenting me LOL

    Seriously though, thanks for the entertaining and honest review

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