Irish Cannon Reviews Hemodraulix and Smash FL

  1. Irish Cannon Reviews Hemodraulix and Smash FL


    Pumps, Muscle Density - 10/10 (woha!) - Ya, it's that good. The pumps I had on this stuff were sick, especially coupled with my training program at the time (Time Under Tension, Muscle Under Load - Mentzer Program). - I had some of the most painful, delicious, exquisite pumps I've ever had. I won't go in to my hormonal past, but Hemo rivals the "on" feeling I had while on certain cycles. Granted, that feeling only lasts while in the gym, but it FAR surpassed what I expected from a natural pump product.

    Price - 9/10 - Obviously, price can always be improved - but I have to say that this is one of the best priced products on the market. It has so many great ingredients, and the bottle lasts well over a month (depending on how often you workout). - I only lift 3x/wk, I dosed this between 8-10 caps pre-workout, and it still lasted me a LONG time.

    Leaning Effects - 7.5/10 - This isn't even a claim that's made, but the sesamin oil really gave me some noticeable physique changes. I was on a high calorie diet, including lots of carbohydrates, and it really seemed to keep me lean, something that I didn't at all even consider, but Metroba reminded me of the sesamin oil and I could think of no other reason. I usually put on a good bit of fat on a diet like that, but this time I didn't.

    Performance- 9/10 - Each workout was bigger and better. I was able to crank weight I wouldn't normally expect to. For a TUT program, I was lifting relatively heavy. - The endurance was also outstanding. Hemo + a V02 maximizing product would really produce some amazing results I think. I'd love to stack Hemo with Anabolic Edge.

    Suggestions/What I would change - The only thing I can think of is maybe more BA, but I don't even know how much is in can just always use more BA. - Honestly, there's really nothing to change. This stuff is great.

    Overall Review

    If it wasn't a product that was better cycled, I'd stay on this stuff for the rest of my life. I have a second bottle sitting in my cabinet just waiting to be cracked open next week (I've been off for ~4-5wks now). This stuff will definitely be a staple in my supplement arsenal. Anyone who's looking into a pump product, Arachadonic Acid product, or performance maximizing product really needs to pick up a bottle of teh Hemos. - For further information my log is located here: Irish Cannon Gets on AXIS...with AXIS (Hemodraulix + Kitchen Sink)

    Smash Fully Loaded

    Energy, Stamina - 9/10 - At first I wasn't too impressed, but after the first week the effects became very pronounced. I'm still working through my tub and each workout on SFL just gets more enjoyable. I woke up today in a total daze, took 1.5sc of this stuff, and within 5mins I felt energized and ready to hit the weights. The amount of energy and stims in this product is JUST right! I don't feel nasty and cracked out. Just freaking COPACETIC!

    Pumps - 6.5/10 - It does the job, but nowhere near Hemodraulix. I'd say it's on the same level as other pre-workout powders I've used such as White Flood, maybe a little less. HOWEVER, keep in mind that my current routine doesn't necessarily lend itself to pumps as well as TUT did. The bloodflow is much lower as the reps are lower, so that I'm sure plays a large role as well.

    Price - 8/10 - It lasts pretty long considering I only take it on training days. The only thing I really need every day that's in it is the creatine, so I just make up for it by taking 5g Creatine Monohydrate on off days. That way the tub lasts much longer. - AND, I actually believe that there are more than 30 servings in this stuff. I'm pretty sure I've been through at least 15 workouts on this stuff, taking 1.5 scoops, and the tub only looks about half empty, possibly less than that. - Axis really wins on the pricing!

    Taste- 8.5/10 - This tastes about as close to orange Gatorade as you can get with a pre-workout drink. I always enjoyed the flavor, and if you add extra powders it covers them very well. I usually add in some ALCAR, Creatine Mono, and l-Tyrosine and don't even notice a difference. Yum!

    Suggestions/What I would change - Sweeten with Xylitol or Stevia, but that's just personal preference. I've gotten into the health of things, and I'm just not a fan of ingesting sucralose. But hey, definitely better than aspartame.

    Overall Review

    Really great stuff. Love the perfectly smooth energy I get. It's really top notch. I was never a big fan of pre-workout powder products, but SFL changed my perception of things. I really enjoyed it thoroughly. I'll for sure be getting more at some point. Again, here's my log. I don't have a specific one for SFL, but I started it up about half-way in: Irish Cannon Gets on AXIS...with AXIS (Hemodraulix + Kitchen Sink)


  2. Really appreciate you puttin up the reviews bud. Did an awesome job!
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    Facebook: @Body Performance Solutions

  3. I have to mirror everything IC said about Hemo. It's killer stuff. When I was dieting, I noticed an increase in fat loss around the same time I started Hemo. I can't attribute it directly to Hemo, but I cant say that it wasn't the cause either.

  4. Hemo is great for a recomp imo. The sesamin just shreds you up!
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  5. Thumbs up

    Thanks for the feedback IC. I've been aching to try out Hemo since I've seen you talking about it a few different times. Just waiting for the mail (celc5 paces back and forth)

  6. very nice feedback this is one of my fav stacks

    Hemodraulix and Smash FL
    Team Orbit

  7. No problem guys. Thanks for checking out my thoughts.

    I forgot to review the "Taste" category for SFL, so I just updated my original post.

  8. IC,
    I've only seen a handful of review for the Citrus flavored SFL. I need to try that one myself since I've only had Blue Raz.

    I throw in about 1.5 g ALCAR in my morning shake and preworkout with SFL so we're on the same page. I like your idea with adding in the extra tyrosine too. That's a super cheap focus/alertness stack that flies under the radar. Smart thinking


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