View Poll Results: Which should we do first, more mass products or more fat loss products?

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  • More mass products!

    54 63.53%
  • More fat loss products!

    31 36.47%

Avant Research needs YOUR help- more mass or more fat loss first??

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  1. I understand typically there is a budget that has to be replenished with a new product from returning sales for the R&D and production costs but why not try a simultanious release of these products?

    there is obvious want for both of them.

  2. Without going through all the replies, I will offer my opinion.

    I would prefer more "fat-loss" and/or "body recomp" products.

    Losing fat is hardest for me. I can bulk like there's no tomorrow... easy. But, cutting... that seems to take much more discipline (which is where the extra help from supps come in).

  3. I be jumpin on the mass bandwagon, its all about getting BIG

  4. Is Shockwave still upcoming?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Urban Monk View Post
    Is Shockwave still upcoming?
    Yes, sometime, but it will no longer be named ShockWave.

  6. Sometime? :-). Any more specificity than that?

  7. It'll be on the top of the list once we get out of this new backorder.

  8. More fat loss products!

  9. im on the fat loss wagon. i have no problem adding mass but its tough getting this unwanted bulk off.

  10. Will anything be debuting shortly?

  11. I vote fat loss

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Urban Monk View Post
    Will anything be debuting shortly?
    that's what I want to know too

  13. Well, we found a legit source for alpha-Y, so HEAT may make a reappearance in the not-too-distant future along with a brand new stimulant.

  14. Haha, looking forward to it. Can you give us an approximate drop month for the new stimulant?

  15. We're aiming for the next couple of months.

    WTF is up with the new skin at this place?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by Sir Savage View Post
    WTF is up with the new skin at this place?
    That's what I said. I changed it back to "AM Light" in the bottom left corner of the page.

  17. I VOTE FOR FAT LOSS and Napalm in a bottle of 7.5oz-8 oz. maybe?

  18. Fat loss for sure, yeah there are tons of fat loss products out there but how many actually deliver results? very few to none. We need an effective product similar to Napalm if not more powerful.

  19. Im a skinny guy..I need more mass products lots of them ..When i get to my goal weight of 245 then ill want some fat


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