Avant Research needs a few good men (or women)!!

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  1. Avant Research needs a few good men (or women)!!

    Avant Labs and Avant Research- Have you got what it takes??

    In light of the recent launch for Avant Research (read all about it here Avant Research is here!! Napalm, SyntheSIZE, SuperCarb, etc.), we need additional support in the form of online representatives. This is the first time we've ever openly recruited, so this is kind of a big deal.

    If selected, your role as a rep will include online representation of Avant Research at a variety of message boards and e-Communities. It may also include various other secondary activities at management's discretion.

    As all of you are aware, we here at Avant Labs and Avant Research have the highest of standards in everything that we do. Accordingly, this process is far from your ordinary selection process for representatives. However, we must do it this way so as to ensure that we only bring people onboard who want to be here and deserve to be here. We will not simply pick just anyone because that would be unfair to both us and the selectees.

    Selection criteria to evaluate your fit for Avant Research include the following (in no particular order):

    1. You must be in good standing within the (online) bodybuilding community. If you're selected as part of our team, your reputation becomes our reputation and we aren't willing to sacrifice it for some plug looking to score some free loot.

    2. You must have a stable, high speed connection and be available to post at least 5 days a week, for a few hours daily. Frequent activity is critical to ensure timely responses and quality customer service.

    3. You must be a good communicator. Anyone can cut & paste cookie-cutter replies thrown together for common questions, but that's not our style. We're dedicated to service on the individual level and it will be required that each concern be treated uniquely tailored to the individual circumstance.

    4. A formal background in science, communications, or business is preferred, but will be overlooked in the case of exceptional individuals. Dually noted should be that selection is not guaranteed for those with the aforementioned educational background. According to our philosophy you will be judged on an individual basis.

    5. You must register at the Mind & Muscle forum and actively contribute to this community here at anabolicminds.com AND our community at M & M. Your activity at both will be integrated into your evaluation. You MUST do this as a part of your evaluation so that we can see how well you fit with our standards of excellence. If you don't register at M & M and actively contribute, in the same way that you contribute here at anabolicminds.com, you simply won't be picked.

    7.You must be down with the catch.

    The catch? Have I yet to mention that? Hold onto your knickers.

    In true Avant fashion we're going against the grain of traditional recruitment methods, as stated above. We will be hosting a recruitment contest (in fact, its survival of the fittest in its purest form) where potential candidates for the intern/representative positions will be subjected to a 4 week evaluation and probationary period, in which you will go head-to-head with your peers. The 2-4 individuals that demonstrate the finest qualities in the above listed selection criteria will be selected and adopted as Avant staff. If selected you will be compensated for your efforts during the recruitment period, so we suggest you leave it all on the field and show us what you're all about. Prove to us your worth in Avant Research Supplements .

    Basically, show us how intelligent, knowledgeable, and well-spoken you are here and at M & M by contributing to various discussions.

    So, if you're game and think you have what it takes to be part of the most innovative and dynamic supplement company out there, post here a short bio, where you been, where your going, whatever you think will provide us enough insight to assess your personality and potential value to the company.

    After that, head over to and mindandmuscle.net/forum, register, (under the same name you have here), and start contributing. Of course, you must continue to contribute here at anabolicminds.com, too. Four weeks from now, we'll announce the winners.

    Trust us, in the end, it will be well worth going through this. All current Avant employees started out as representatives.

    Best of luck to the participants, its going to be a fun ride.

    Remember, top 2-4 contributors (in quality, not necessarily quantity) to both here and M & M will be picked.

    Ask questions if you have any.


  2. great opportunity with an amazing company....good luck guys!

  3. Always been a huge fan and supporter of Avant. Registering now

  4. wow this is a great opportunity..i cant wait to see who gets picked im sure u all will find some great candidates

    o yea and by the way i really like the idea of how ur gonna select it should be interesting...we should make it a reality tv show LOL jk

  5. Yeah, this could get really interesting.

  6. And don't hesitate- if you're interested, get to it.

    As I said in the other thread, you just never know.

    This is your opportunity to wow us.

  7. Definitely very interested!

  8. This sounds like a sweet gig. I may have to throw my name in the hat and write a short bio when I get back from class.
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  9. Hello there Avant Labs... Hopefully this is what you're looking for...

    My name is Kyle Anthony and I have been weight-training for 8 years. I started lifting weights at the age of 16 and I was gearing my training towards size and athleticism (mostly sprinting). After graduating high school, I attended a 2 year college and began studying biology, but shortly after I changed my major to psychology. At the time I had started working for Cytodyne as a customer service rep. When the ephedra lawsuits hit the fan, I got a job at Bioquest Pharmaceuticals and Prosource.net supplements. I transferred out of my 2 year school as a Phi Theta Kappa high honors student over to RSCNJ. I continued to excel and get my 4 year degree in psychology with a heavy focus in psychopharmacology. During my time at the 4 year college, I held jobs as a weight equipment technician for such brands as Cybex, Body-Solid, Hoist, and True. I decided to get my PFT certification through NESTA when I finished college to make some money at the gym that I began working at. I am well-versed with almost every supplement that's out there and I know how they work. I'm an extremely logical person and when I don't have authoritative knowledge about something, I usually rely on my keen sense of logic. When logic fails or when a problem continues to push my suspended judgement, my instinct comes into play. I don't claim to be the authority on everything or much of anything, but when it boils down to it, my knowledge and first hand experience with all kinds of training, supplementation, nutrition, and habitual lifestyle modification, is outstanding and more than helpful.
    Freedom means nothing here.

  10. Remember- all interested candidates must contribute here and at M & M. It's not enough to just contribute at one site.

  11. Sir Savage, will you force the winning contestant to wear Sean Sherk banana hammocks as well?

  12. Yes. Yes I will.

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Mulletsoldier View Post
    Sir Savage, will you force the winning contestant to wear Sean Sherk banana hammocks as well?
    Thats hawt.

    This is a cool opportunity. And an innovative method as usual from Avant.

  14. Hey there Avant Labs!

    Ok so here goes the bio...

    My name is Griffin Davenport I'm 20 years old have have been seriously working out for a little over three years. While in the meantime I was a fitness instructor at a local YMCA. Just in the past year and a half I became familiar with forums that talk about supplements and workingout. I don't have a lottttt of experience with different supplements, but I like to do research and find out what exactly I want/need to take...knowledge is power. Right now in my life I'm supposed to figure out what I'm going to do with the rest of my life career wise. I have always seen myself doing something in the field of exercise, whether it be owning my own gym or even my own product line. Here on this forum, as well as a forum based on my car's model, I try to lend a hand to anyone asking for help. I like to share the wealth of knowledge and I also ask for help myself. If there is anymore information you want to know, or anything I left out please let me know!!


  15. Keep 'em coming, y'all.

  16. Here goes nothing.

    My name is Marshal and Im 18 years old. Although I may look young do not let my age fool you. I got into fitness at the age of 16 when I hit the local gym to help me lose some weight. Little did I know that experience changed the my life. I recently picked up bodybuilding agian during my senior year in high school. I started learning from the forums about proper diet and training. Ive learned unmeasurable amounts of information from the board members here and I would like to offer the same type of environment to others that I have recieved here. The reason I would like to become a rep is for the learning experience that it has to offer. Im all about learning new things as I have tried many things in the past. My entire life revolves around my learning experience as I believe that the more I learn the better I become. My life has revolved around music up until last year and that learning experience has helped spread light on the wonders that it has to offer to people. Currently, I am majoring in Forensic Phycology which will be involve a long schooling career. I plan on changing my major next year to pharmacy,business or possibly obtain a doctors degree in pediatrician. I feel that this application will me put my foot in the door and get my name out. I am very active here on this forum and will be more than happy to offer my help on M&M. If you would like to see what Im capable of please visit my current log. Thank you for your time!

    Driver's Education 101 A Sponsored X-Factor and Drive Log

  17. I'm down with all of the requirements except #6

    About me:
    My name is Steve (or Steveo) and the ph in my username comes from my middle and last initials (So you don't have to try and make it into one word, it's still Steveo). Sports have always been a part of my life, but I started lifting weights for fun about 6 years ago at the gym. After about 3 years of on-and-off lifting weights with no plan or structure I started reading about lifting weights and decided to make a weight lifting plan. Since this point, there have been some detours but it's been a learning experience and I am working out and logging my workouts and seeing the results.

    I'm still a student studying the Life Sciences at Queen's University in Canada. It's great how my classes like anatomy, physiology etc. relate so much to what I've read about in bodybuilding. Sometimes a prof might mention a point about some drug or compound and it's effects, and I would be thinking about the latest study I read about it and the possible uses in performance nutrition.

    I'm often reading the forums pouring over the opinions and knowledge of others, and I can never stop reading. Sometimes the posts make me when people go completely crazy, but overall I really enjoy chatting with others on bodybuilding forums because I find people to be really supportive of eachother because we all share similar goals. With that said, I'm off to try and guess my M&M password and login, it's been a while lol.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by Sir Savage View Post
    4. A formal background in science, communications, or business is preferred, but will be overlooked in the case of exceptional individuals. Dually noted should be that selection is not guaranteed for those with the aforementioned educational background. According to our philosophy you will be judged on an individual basis.
    Chemical engineer. Graduated with a 4.0 gpa.

    But - like that hot chick at the bar - you ain't got no chance.

    Anyway - just wanted to offer the best of luck to Avant and the folks looking for positions. Avant is a great company. I wish you guys the best of luck.

    I'll always pump up Napalm - that's some good sheeet.

    Later Tony.

  19. Its really tempting, and a very interesting way to recruit. The 4 weeks starts now you say?

  20. Interested and PM'd!

  21. Quote Originally Posted by Steveoph View Post
    I'm down with all of the requirements except #6
    Nicely done.

    I was wondering who would catch that first.

    We like folks with a good eye.

  22. Quote Originally Posted by EasyEJL View Post
    Its really tempting, and a very interesting way to recruit. The 4 weeks starts now you say?
    Well, hold on...


    Now! The four weeks start now!

  23. I will throw my name into the hat as well. Although I am not a long time bodybuilder, I have become a quite serious one. In January 07 I started a transformation that has lost 40lbs of fat, and gained something in the range of 15-20lbs of muscle. Its been through hard work, as well as a huge amount of research.

    My day job is in the software industry, and that is a place where research skills add tons of value. Ideas and paradigms change and shift, so staying on top of trends is critical. Communication with internal teams as well as clients is a major focus within my job, although I do not have a formal degree in any of the areas mentioned.

    I've been very active (hyperactive?) on AM here since joining in june, and spend a fair bit of time trying to help new members. I probably spend in excess of 4 hours a day here, broken into small chunks throughout the day.

  24. This is a great opportunity. I'm not sure it's for me, even though the idea of being an Avant rep is pretty sexy.

    I can't wait to see who it is. Cellardude is a little young, but he's a damn good member of this forum. He seems to take it very serious and is very active. I think he might have a future in the industry.

    I'm surprised Rpen is not already a rep.

    Steveoph is Canadian and has a science background. What more could you want. I also like his cat with a melon helmet.

    Good luck to all you guys, if any of you get chosen, Avant has made the right decision.

    DB 2000

  25. Fantastic early response.

    Those who are interested needn't hold back. Our unique selection method ensures those with confidence in themselves and their ability will succeed -- nice concept, isn't it?

    Politicians need not apply, only the skilled with get the position.


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