Lipo+CAP on Calves?

  1. Lipo+CAP on Calves?

    Just wanted to know...has anyone had success with Lipo+CAP on calves (the upper region to be more precise)?

  2. Interesting question. Don't think I've heard of anyone doing that.

    You'll likely have less of the necessary fat receptors on your calves, though, compared to your abdominal region.

  3. Cmon! Don't make me try it! I'm still working on my chest. =P

    I have some decent sized calves but you only see the muscle on the bottom. And the top half (closer to the knee) has a nice portion of fat.

    Someone has had to try this already =P

  4. It would be effective, if one was so inclinded to apply it there. I could see it being heplful in contest prep and the like, but as far as an everyday beach/shirt-off friendly physique is concerned I'd stick to the chest/abs. The ladies aren't about to beef with big calves unless they are on their own legs .

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