theSIZE Closeout Sale!! Everything must go!!

  1. theSIZE Closeout Sale!! Everything must go!!

    Hey y'all,

    We are officially closing out theSIZE. It was a great run, but need to move on to other things (the new stim and the return of H.E.A.T., just to name a couple).

    As such, we're running a closeout sale on theSIZE and theSIZE beta (no vouchers, though).

    Both products have been marked down and of course, the more you buy, the greater the discount per bottle.

    Everything must go!

    Now remember, theSIZE beta is UNFLAVORED. That means it smells and tastes funky, but that's just the nature of the ingredients.

    Similarly, theSIZE, while orange flavored, sometimes hardens up and tastes funky, but they are within the expiration date.

    If you want a great creatine/cell volumizer/meal optimizer product at an unbeatable price, don't pass this up!

    Avant Labs Store - Avant Research :: theSIZE (On Sale!)

    Avant Labs Store - Avant Research :: theSIZE Beta (On Sale!)

  2. the beta is unflavored? I ordered the beta from nutra awhile back and it was some kind of flavor...not sure what, but it came out purple? Either way good product, will buy

  3. Well, yeah, technically it is supposed to be "grape" flavored, but it sure doesn't taste like it's flavored.

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