Napalm & using lotion???

  1. Napalm & using lotion???

    I just finished my 1st bottle of Napalm with amazing results. The product lasted about 20 days, now I have switched to Lipoderm Ultra to get rid of some of the water and hit some different receptors. The Napalm dried out my skin pretty good. I am curious, I shower exfoliate dry off then put on Napalm. How longer after that can I put on lotion?? I am not sure as I don't know if the lotion would clog pores and not allow the Napalm and or Lipoderm Ultra to work?? Thanks

  2. First, try either a moisturizing soap or body wash (RPN's Java Lather is a good option). If that isn't enough, then apply the lotion at some point between Napalm applications.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


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