High Volume

  1. High Volume

    I was supposed to receive some a while back on Facebook.
    I can't review it if I don't have it though.
    Was wondering who I should talk to?
    I shared their status publicly like I was supposed to and ended up winning so I figured I could return the favor and review it if it ever shows up.


  2. Althetix sports about to go out of business? No reps anymore

  3. Flex, I apologize for being out of touch. PM and I will get you more than squared away.

    As for the status of Athletix. I can assure you we are strong at the moment, but going through some changes right now. Leaning things out and staying focused on premium products based around the science.

    You will see a big 2014 from us as well as some high speed new faces to take care of business for you all.
    Gain Strength. Add Lean Mass. Recover Faster. : ERGONINE

  4. Thanks for the reply

  5. Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    Thanks for the reply
    Not a problem. I apologize that it got overlooked in the first place.
    Gain Strength. Add Lean Mass. Recover Faster. : ERGONINE


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