Licogenix Beta-Tester Feedback

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  1. Cheers men, i will update if and when needed

  2. Quote Originally Posted by cubsfan815 View Post
    Oh you are adding Bccas to it?

    haha I'm just messing with you. Have a great run! I think you stopped following my log, but just wanted you to know last friday I started getting pimples on back and some on face. Always a good sign.
    sounds good, ill check out your log time to time c whats happening
    no bcaas for the 1st week as have a suspected gutt issue with them, so pure licogenix thats it

  3. Kev's Athletix Licogenix Log

    Another good log!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  4. Final Review is up: Dropping Fat w/ Licogenix
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  5. Awesome final review!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  6. DJBeanPole's LICOGENIX + Athletix STACK Log of Awesomeness W/ BLOODS!

    Can't believe more people are not following, check out this log, amazing detail and even getting BLOODS!!!!
    Core Nutritionals Representative


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