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  1. Thumbs up Athletix Sports Feedback Thread

    For everyone who wants to hear some feedback on our products, here is what some members on the forums have had to say

    If you want to share your experience you had with Athletix products please share in this thread or put a review up in the Supplement logs/review section

    Also if you want to check out the full logs, all the links to them are here---> Athletix Sports Logs!

    "Originally Posted by BigBlackGuy" (Adamantium, which is now Formula-X)

    Definitely recommended. I'll be picking up a second bottle... this is probably going to be my go to preworkout from now on. Cheap enough for a month's worth, and it works!

    "Originally Posted by mmacrazy" (Adamantium, which is now Formula-X)

    My thoughts so far.
    Before training: I actually really enjoy it ! I was taking mesomorph but am currently trying to cut back my stims and cycle off creatine just for a short while. It seems like adamantium was able to take the place of meso with no problem. Still feel very strong when grappling, so either I am stronger or the adamantium is doing what I thought it would.

    "Originally Posted by HATEFULone" (Adamantium, which is now Formula-X)

    Libido was through the roof, be warned, you will cheat on your girlfriend or wife if you don't get some at least every other day if not daily.

    "Originally Posted by AndrewNico" (Adamantium, which is now Formula-X)

    Alright, so you saw some effect on your strength . . . what about mood, libido, other hormonal changes?

    Great mood throughout my run. No real change in libido with the exception of massive raging erections every morning for the first few weeks. Nothing else in terms of increased oily skin/acne . . . skin actually looks great (lol)!

    "Originally Posted by ConcreteConny" (Adamantium, which is now Formula-X)

    I'd rate this product 5 stars for sure for the solid ingredient profile and effectiveness!

    "Originally Posted by houstontexas" (Adamantium, which is now Formula-X)

    Preworkout effects: 9/10 Increased aggression/energy in the gym that was not too intense. On days I was feeling extra out of it I added a scoop of Amino Energy and that was more than enough to get me through a workout. No need for 2 scoops of Jack3d etc.

    Strength effects: 8/10 I didn't really notice any increase in strength, but a maintenance of strength while on a cut with increased cardio. To me that shows it did something for my strength. If I was bulking I could definitely see my numbers going up while on Adamantium.

    Leaning out effects: 8/10 I have definitely seen some leaning out over the month I was on this product. I was also taking LX and the usual staples, but I assume this played its role in my leaning out. My eating was semi consistent except for weekend splurges. Especially the 18pack I downed on the river last weekend in addition to the drunken fast food trips. Even with that I still managed to see progress so I feel I owe part of that to Ad.

    "Originally Posted by BBB" (Adamantium, which is now Formula-X)

    I really likethe formulation of Adamantium so I bought a tub on my own.This weekend I stacked Adamantium with three scoops of Wyked (six grams of DAA)preworkout along with AB and I had the best workout I've had in years. My strength was up on every single workoutand I didnt want to leave the gym. My aggression was unbelievable, probably the NAT.

    "Originally Posted by Darrellw"(Adamantium, Titanium, Erase feedback)

    I took Adamantium pre-workout like advised. My aggression went through the roof on day 1. I'm a pretty nonchalant guy so it was a welcome change to my attitude towards working out. I was grunting out of nowhere and angry at every rep. I was prone to outburst at people as well. I could barely control myself. And i loved it. It hits you slowly but surely, a darkening of the mood, a slight lowering of the brows, a compulsion to exercise (energy build up).

    "Originally Posted by MidwestBeast"(Adamantium, which is now Formula-X)

    Adamantium is a great pre-workout and for a non-stim route, I'd certainly recommend it.

    "Originally Posted by NxtGenCowboy" (Formula-X feedback)

    If anyone is looking for a Intra-workout supplement... You need to try FormulaX.. The stuff is amazing. AthletiX has nailed it.

    "Originally Posted by CTDeuce" (Formula-X feedback)

    side note : Formula X is freaking delicious. I would drink that stuff with my meals everyday if I could. I used a shaker bottle and mixed one scoop with about 10oz water and it was like straight lemonade. Love it.

    "Originally Posted by thebigt" (Formula-X Feedback)

    formula-x is the best daa product i have tried, so far! and i think everyone knows how good titanium is!

    "Originally Posted by divo006" (Adamantium, Titanium, Erase feedback)

    im currently useing this same stack, i feel and look fuller, recovery time is good, soreness usually lasts only one day after workout. havent broken any PR's but i am only 2 weeks into the stack and hope to at least match some PR's, if not, break them.

    "Originally Posted by RepThat21" (Titanium, Adamantium feedback)

    As far as results go, I have definitely made great progress this month. I was slowly seeing results from my recomp before starting this stack, but in the last month while on it I ended up down to 182-183 from 185-186 and definitely am more vascular and have more separation in my muscles. Abs are starting to pop(finally) and I would estimate if i was 13-15% BF before I am probly down around 11-13% now. The best part is strength has stayed almost exactly the same this whole stack too. Usually my strength dips a lot when I cut down weight, not so on this stack though. Overall, I would definitely purchase this product/stack and plan to in the future. Muscle hardness, vascularity, and aggression were all great for a natty stack.

    "Originally Posted by bdcc" (Titanium Feedback)

    In summary, I enjoyed this run. The effects I received from Titanium stood up there with some much more expensive herbal testosterone boosters I have tried including DTHC and the AX/Triazole stack. These are over 150% and 200% of the price of Titanium respectively. I found that Titanium works better in terms of cost:benefit ratio and should I purchase one of these again I would go with Titanium over the others.

    "Originally Posted by TheMeatus101" (Titanium feedback)

    Titanium is a great leaning supplement, it would be great to throw into a recomp stack, and i was horny alot, but i always am anyways lol. But yessir, that's about it, i believe i dropped somewhere along the lines of 3-4 pounds in that month (i was on a recomp). So overall, a great supp.

    "Originally Posted by VolcomX311" (TitaniumXL, Division 1, Adamantium, Anabeta, Erase feedback)

    When I started this stack, I was 190lbs bone dry & depleted, I averaged 194lbs and I on heavy, full days, I could be as high as 197lbs. Currently, I'm 212lbs after 8 weeks. Granted, most of it is obviously not unadulterated LBM, but it is what it is. My strength is way, way up from when I first started, both in terms of absolute strength and muscle endurance. Recovery on this stack was enhanced, allowing me to workout more often.

    Before starting the stack, I could hit 275lbs on bench for 5 reps on a strong day, currently, I'm back to being able to hit 275lbs for 10 reps. Before starting the stack, I'd lost the ability to hit 135lbs on the Snatch, even from the hang position to a high catch and now I'm able to hit 155lbs again. The approximate gain of 15lbs plus or minus wasn't all fat, water and glycogen storage (but maybe 90-95% of those combinations), because my strength did increase dramatically and my power increased significantly
    Final rating: I'll give these guys a 9 out of 10.. Always leaves room for improvement, right??!!

    "Originally Posted by enhanced" (Division 1 and TitaniumXL feedback)

    Honestly, this is a stack that I would love to run year round! Also, I can't give a perfect 10, cuz nobody's perfect.. Tell ya what though, Athletix has put out a pretty serious friggin lineup & you all owe it to yourselves to give some of, if not all of their stuff a shot! You won't be dissapoint.

    "Originally Posted by james122" (Formula-X, Division 1 and TitaniumXL feedback)

    So that brings us to this review, and from the gate to anyone who has had ANY experience with these ingredients its a no-brainer, they are proven , all of them.
    Adamantium I used in Pct right before I started formulaX . . the transition was so smooth on the old version that I bought(not sponsered) I remember telling JD that it was the best DAA product I have ever used, and it was until they added high ratio BCAA's : enter FORMULAX. The recovery aspect of this product is amazing, not just good, but amazing. And this coming from a guy who is 39 years old and is used to a 3 + day recovery process, I increased my volume considerably during this stack I cannot say enough about the improved recovery to do it justice.

    I cannot isolate the other two products as I used them both together but I do have a few things to say about them as well. Having all of the active ingredients in all 3 products before I can say that it was not a question of weather they were going to work well, but I was really surprised at how well they worked together. as I said before there are high doses of proven ingredients and the synergy here is amazing. This stack would be the best option for anyone wanting strength gains / improved recover and is subject to being tested.

    The plain truth is using all of these together gave me the same strength and recovery of a mild hormonal cycle, By the end of week three my lifts and and reps, recovery and motivation were on par with the cycle I was on just 7 weeks earlier. So what are you saying? pro-hormone like gains?? no dude, I'm not saying that, what i am saying is when I used these 3 products together my recovery, strength , and motivation/endurance were on par with being on a mild(1androrx in this case) cycle. What I am also saying is if you are a tested athlete, looking for an edge, this will give it to you.

    "Originally Posted by Bolanrox" (Formula-X Feedback)

    Overall feelings:
    As i have said I didn't notice much from plain DAA but the combo of BCAA and LCLT in Formula-X definitely had an effect on me.
    Strength: Maybe slightly over normal progression of strength
    Recovery: This is really where it shines. I always felt like i could keep up the weight and reps throughout the sets for the most part. towards the end i started to get the feeling like i could hit that one more rep that i would have never thought about otherwise. DOMS and other PWO soreness were more or less the same.

    Endurance. I didn't notice much in this respect in terms of cardio but some might.

    Ultimately would i buy this to use again? Yes most definitely
    Would i recommend it to others? I already have more than once
    Bottom line in terms of DAA supps you can not go wrong trying this out!

    "Originally Posted by Marms" (Formula-X Feedback)

    This was a first time company product from Athletix for me and I have to say I could not be more impressed.
    I tried to run the product a few diff. ways but for the best seemed to be 1 scoop PWO 1 scoop INTRA with !scoop on days off.
    For this product as a stand alone with only staples taken It sure did carry me through every workout without any problems.
    Mixability: 9 we all know how BCAA are ! (for me I put it in a shaker cup in the am and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours)
    Pump : 10 not like a vein spliting muscle tearing pump, but I was hard as a rock and full from first set to last.
    Endurance:10 felt great from begining to end with NO CRASH
    Strength:10 not that i got stronger but was able to start with heavier weights
    Negative: The tub is empty no Neg that I can think

    "Originally Posted by suresha" (Formula-X feedback)

    I know that this Formula X is suppose to be taken once a day, but boy, I find myself wanting more and more. I usually set things off at the house with my pwo about 15-30 minutes before i start my session, and been dosing the Formula X as a intra, and once again half way through my bottle, the frequent woodies start appearing out of no-where(no-homo; pause)

    That Formula X defintely hits my "ON" switch, leading to an increased aggression and heightened state of insane focus during my workout.

    "Originally Posted by jbryand101b" (Formula-X feedback)

    i have to say i was impressed with how well it mixes, and since it's clear, you can see there are no clumps floating around

    "Originally Posted by MrKleen73" (Formula-X feedback)

    I wont lie, I have noticed a little extra oomph in my later sets. Stamina is up, I give a lot of that credit to the healthy dose of LCLT and Tyrosine. Taste is great and completely instantized.

    "Originally Posted by TMCCLUNG" (Formula-X, Division 1 and TitaniumXL feedback)

    YIKES!!!!! I just stepped on the scale after about a month on D1, Titanium and Formula X. I'm now at 199lbs. For the first time I saw the scale hit 200 when I first stepped on it. Weight gain is not my goal as an endurance athlete. This isn't necessarily a good thing but I feel good and I'm riding strong. I recently had to add another rubber band to resistance workout and doubled my push ups. I had to add resistance bands to my push ups and situps because they were taking to long to finish when going to exhaustion. For anyone wanting to put on some bulk this stack works awesome.

    "Originally Posted by DaBicep" (TitaniumXL feedback)

    Just used up a bottle of Titanium XL, took the last dose tonight, I had used Testopro before it. Honestly, I didn't notice a big difference between the two. Not to say that's a bad thing, Titanium is priced better and you get more. Considering the higher dose, you get a lot more for your money with Titanium. I haven't used any other Athletix products besides Titanium, but the quality is good and the they list all their ingredients, which is unique and nice to know how much mgs of ingredients you are getting.

    "Originally Posted by Spencer87" (TitaniumXL feedback)

    I have used Erase, Titanium, and DAA in my last two PCT's and now consider them a staple in any cycle. Great products!

    Also, I have always had a major drop in libido from nolva and found titanium to really help with this.

    "Originally Posted by titanaz_27" (TitaniumXL and Division 1 feedback)

    Been using titanium xl and D1 as a test booster. Not using it as a pct but will when I start taking ph again. So far I very impress with the products thinking about stacking it with pes erase just to see how the results would be. Thanks for a great product this stuff is now part of my normal cycle of supps.

    "Originally Posted by StrongArm" (TitaniumXL feedback)

    I'll throw my two cents in here....I absolutely loved Titanium during my last pct. i ran tren/epi, got a case of the shutdown-bad! cycle was over. started pct. it included titanium. i give it maybe two, three days tops and i was on the baby making train! matter of fact, I liked titanium so much i've been considering a natty cycle in my near future

    "Originally Posted by Bnit07" (TitaniumXL and Formula-X feedback)

    Im on week 3 of pct with nolva + titanium + formula x and I must say I'm impressed with the results. Ive kept all the weight gained, and I've been hitting PRs on my squat and dead 2+ weeks after my cycle ended.

    "Originally Posted by BigBlackGuy" (TitaniumXL and Division 1 feedback)

    9/10 - I had been easily doing my 12-16 hours of fasting, but after starting the stack I would be ravenous during my unfasted times. So if you're looking for something to stimulate appetite, this stack is it for sure.

    Strength: 8/10 - I've actually gained strength while cutting/recomping. Pretty amazing. Squat is up 20, RDLs up 20, Bench Press about the same, Pullups are up a solid 10-15.

    Libido: 10/10 - Absolutely the most profound effect this stack had. I have nothing more to say about this except morning wood every morning and 4-5 minutes refractory time.

    Muscle-gain: 8/10 Considering my extensive fasting periods and the fact that I'm eating maintenance calories, some days below... well, I'm pretty amazed. Waist has decreased but weight has stayed the same.

    Fat-loss: 6/10 I'm going to chalk most of the fat loss up to my diet. These supplements are great for fat-loss in terms of gaining/keeping muscle and strength, but I can't say the're particularly meant to be used for losing fat.

    Energy: 9/10 - I almost didn't include this, but it's an aspect of this stack which must be emphasized. My energy levels were through the roof most days where as before I was very sluggish.
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  2. AnabolicMinds Site Rep
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    Good thread, JD. And solid reviews, which is not surprising. Athletix is a solid company.

    Now get us that info on the new PCT product! lol
    Psalm 34:10 - "The lions may grow weak and hungry, but those who seek the Lord lack no good thing."
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by MidwestBeast View Post
    Good thread, JD. And solid reviews, which is not surprising. Athletix is a solid company.

    Now get us that info on the new PCT product! lol
    Thats a lot brotha, much appreciated!

    I'm trying to get more info, hopefully in a couple weeks I will be allowed to tell everyone what this is
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  4. Genius idea brother, this should be filled with good reviews. I'll give mine once stack is done.

  5. Nice posting there J-Dizzle.
    Is this going in the AM newsletter next month?
    Use code "fl3x10" to get a free shirt with your purchase at Mind and Muscle

  6. Used the stack for the last two rounds of PCT and absolutely love it. Nice to feel 'normal' quickly when using it. In the process of seeing what it might do during a cut over the next 2 months. Overall Athletix is a solid company with good products in a time where there is so much crap out on the market.
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  7. Quote Originally Posted by packers6211 View Post
    Genius idea brother, this should be filled with good reviews. I'll give mine once stack is done.
    Thanks brotha!

    Quote Originally Posted by FL3X MAGNUM View Post
    Nice posting there J-Dizzle.
    Is this going in the AM newsletter next month?

    Thanks FL3X! aha nope, maybe something about our new upcoming product tho? maybe? ya never know lol

    Quote Originally Posted by Colbicide View Post
    Used the stack for the last two rounds of PCT and absolutely love it. Nice to feel 'normal' quickly when using it. In the process of seeing what it might do during a cut over the next 2 months. Overall Athletix is a solid company with good products in a time where there is so much crap out on the market.
    Thanks for the great feedback Colbicide, much appreciated
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