What can your test booster do for YOU?

  1. What can your test booster do for YOU?

    The age old questions in the supplement industry when it comes to natural testosterone boosting supplements are "Does this actually raise my natural levels?, Will it improve libido?, Will it increase muscular gains?, Will it increase my strength?" For ages, people used tribulus because they were told there was an abundant rise in leutinizing hormone and their testes were kicking out more test than they knew what to do with. In reality, they got some sort of an aphrodisiac response from tribulus. Just as it had been used for in foreign cultures for centuries. So sure, a rise in libido would lead you to believe you are in fact making strides in obtaining higher natural testosterone levels.

    Now, let's look at the new school. D-aspartic acid. Been a buzz word recently and with good reason. Popular clinical studies that actually prove an increase that I personally would call drastic in anyone who is used to maintaining homeostasis with their hormones. So the logical answer would be, go out and buy some D-aspartic acid and shazam! High test levels! Well, that's great. Sure, you will get the test boost you wanted.. but why not get more from your product? This is where Athletix comes to your rescue. Not only are you getting a clinical dose of DAA in every scoop, you're getting more goodies on top it. Admantium was a very well oiled and fine tuned machine. With additives such as L-carnitine L-tartate and L-tyrosine, not only are you getting your test boost, you're utilizing it more effectively as the carnitine increases the abundance of androgen receptors and the affinity to the testosterone. Tyrosine when taken preworkout has shown in myself and others as well to increase some aggressiveness towards your iron enemy which everyone knows means you're pumping up the jam a little more each rep. As I said, admantium=well oiled machine. Within a matter of days, you will all have your hopes lifted even higher. Going from a well oiled machine, to a supercharged, direct port nitrous injected monster.

    The introduction of formula-x is very exciting to me as I just became a rep for this great company. Rep or no rep, this product looks awesome. With the addition of an 8:1:1INSTANTIZED bcaa blend, you can count your lucky stars that you will not go unnoticed at work or at play. The extra anabolism you can accumulate from bcaa supplementation alone is unparalleled. So we have boosted test, added aggression, androgen receptor affinity/fat burning properties, AND anabolic amino's... wow... do I really need to say anymore? The write up is coming soon. This is strictly and soley me speaking on my behalf as to my thoughts on Formula-x. This is not going to be one to miss. When its here, just as that last batch of titanium came and went, its going to go, fast. Don't be the guy waiting on a second batch. Be the guy getting gains. Keep your pocketbook handy. For a few more dollars than admantium, formula-x delivers.

    So, you can spend upwards of 40 dollars on a plain DAA supplement.. OR you can spend under 40 and get the most complete test booster in the land. Next time you're shopping for pct or that natural edge, may want to keep this in mind fellas.
    Athletix Representative

  2. Formula-X is going to be one of a kind, nothing can beat the price for what your getting, that goes for every Athletix product.
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  3. I've been waiting forever for this it seems like. I have a log with a missing supplement.
    Applied Nutriceuticals Representative


  4. Quote Originally Posted by WhatsaRoid? View Post
    I've been waiting forever for this it seems like. I have a log with a missing supplement.
    good things come to those who wait my brother. and your waiting will cease within days. thats a promise.
    Athletix Representative

  5. Sub
    Everything I say is fictional and for entertainment purposes only. Do not ask me for sources. I dont have any.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by stankyleg View Post
    this is one to watch, the real write-up is coming soon to cover all the bases. this is just me as a person describing how I feel about it. prepare for greatness bro!
    Athletix Representative

  7. also, I think one of the MOST important things about supplement powders that you must actually drink, IT HAS TO TASTE GOOD. there was certainly no let down previously. the pink lemonade was an instant success. it truly felt like treat everytime I dosed it. same applies with formula0-x. same great flavor that you enjoyed before, just more potential!
    Athletix Representative

  8. so when is this coming out??

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Bolanrox View Post
    so when is this coming out??
    We should be seeing Formula-X out very soon, sometime next week
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  10. cheers!

  11. And don't forget to give your honest opinions and reviews so there's plenty of feedback. Although I only predict the best feedback due to this being an amazing blend
    Athletix Representative

  12. It's gonna be any day now that Formula-X is in
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  13. Its the final countdown!
    Athletix Representative


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