HUGE Adamantium SALE!!!

  1. HUGE Adamantium SALE!!!

    HUGE Adamantium SALE!

    ONLY $22.95!!! <----Click here for sale

    Athletix's NEW Adamantium: A Phenom in Increasing Athletic Performance & Muscle Gains!
    Product Highlights:

    •Increased testosterone
    •Increased libido
    •Increased androgen receptor density
    •Increased IGF-1 levels
    •Increased recovery
    •Increased fat loss
    •Increased energy
    •Increased aggression
    •Great Pink Lemonade Taste!

    Break plateaus, increase intensity, and become bigger, faster, and stronger with Adamantium by Athletix Sports.

    With the popularity of DAA products on a sharp rise, Athletix decided to formulate a product to make DAA even more effective with a strong focus on athletes and getting them to peak athletic performance:ADAMANTIUM.

    A naturally occurring amino acid, called D-aspartic acid, has been proven to naturally increase levels of testosterone by over 40%! This ingredient is currently the most popular testosterone boosting ingredient in the supplement industry. This is no surprise with the data that supports it, and the affordability of DAA.

    That is where Athletix really has stepped up to the plate. We took DAA and added it to a very attractive formula to give users even better results, while having a great taste, and being very affordable!

    DAA causes your body to NATURALLY produce even more testosterone without causing any suppression. It does NOT require a PCT, and in fact, is commonly used IN a PCT.

    The ingredient alone would have made a great product, but Athletix has taken Adamantium another step higher with the addition of L-Carnatine-L-Tartrate (LCLT). This is by far the favorite ingredient in our product Titanium. After numerous requests to come out with a second LCLT product, here you have it!

    LCLT is di-peptide molecule that again is NOT suppressive. Regular carnitines have been used for years for numerous benefits including muscle building, increased recovery, and increased fat loss.

    LCLT was specifically added to this natural anabolic formula for its effects on the androgen receptor. As we explained before, DAA increases Testosterone, a natural androgen in the body. For testosterone to have an effect on the body, it must bind to the androgen receptor.

    LCLT has been shown to increase the androgen receptor density in muscle cells, allowing more sites for testosterone to bind, and thus, a greater effect from your increased testosterone levels!

    Another key anabolic property of LCLT is its effects on IGF-1. The commonly used peptide known as HGH that has become extremely popular works by increasing IGF-1 levels in the body. IGF-1 causes numerous positive benefits, with the most important in our case being increased muscle gain. LCLT has been proven to increase the bodies IGF-1 levels at just 2g per day with Adamantium providing 3g!

    N-acetyl-tyrosine (NAT) was added to our mix strictly for athletes. Users of NAT have commonly noticed an increase in aggression for a few hours after one dose and can occur as quickly as five minutes. This makes sense as Tyrosine is a precursor to the production of both epinephrine and norepinephrine. NAT is an extremely soluble form of tyrosine that can be taken at a much lower dose than regular tyrosine for equal effectiveness. It provides a natural, crash free, clean form of energy that will hit your very quick and last for a few hours.

    So let’s recap here…Adamantium is the ultimate athletic mix. It contains safe, non-suppressive, legal ingredients that were specifically mixed at the perfect doses to give YOU the “Athletix Edge”.

    Enjoy all the benefits of increased testosterone, sending your body into a natural muscle building, fat losing, athletic machine. Trust us when we say your opponents are praying you don’t find out about ADAMANTIUM!

    Adamantium Supplement Facts
    Serving Size: 1 Scoop
    Servings per Container: 30

    Amount Per Serving
    D-Aspartic Acid 3,000 mg
    L-Carnitine-L-Tartrate (LCLT) 2,000 mg
    N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine (NAT) 700 mg

    Adamantium Directions:
    Take 1 scoop an 30-60 minutes before your training session. On non-training days take 1 scoop 30-60 minutes before bed. For maximum results stack with Athletix Sports Titanium.

    Athletix Sports logs and feedback
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  2. Is this product going away?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by ProOne View Post
    Is this product going away?
    Yes once Adamantium is gone, it's gone!

    But we will be releasing Formula-X soon which is Adamantium + BCAA's.
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  4. Nice.....

  5. Quote Originally Posted by ProOne View Post
    This sale is off the chain!!!!

    The Adamantium is almost all gone! Get it now at this amazing price!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  6. I believe this is the last week you will see Adamantium at this price, should be all out soon!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  7. Check out the feedback from Adamantium

    Athletix Sports Logs!

    Sale is still on!!!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  8. Get it at this amazing price before Formula-X replaces it
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  9. Quote Originally Posted by JudgementDay View Post
    I believe this is the last week you will see Adamantium at this price, should be all out soon!

    Just realized what you have been saying, when its gone, its gone :-(
    PHF Rep

  10. Quote Originally Posted by RoadBlocK View Post
    Just realized what you have been saying, when its gone, its gone :-(
    Ya no more Adamantium ..........but thats ok because we will get Formula-X soon and that contains Adamantium+BCAA's

    But never gonna be this kinda price again!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  11. Sale bump! This is coming to an end once there out.
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  12. Boycott bump, joking joking love you nutra but lets see a formula x and division 1 stack sale.

  13. Sale still going on
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  14. Just an incredible deal. I have 4 full tubs of Adamantium now

  15. Quote Originally Posted by seccsi View Post
    Just an incredible deal. I have 4 full tubs of Adamantium now
    Nice I love this stuff, one of my fav supplements for sure.
    Core Nutritionals Representative


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