Preventing HPTA Suppression with Adamantium (DAA)

  1. Preventing HPTA Suppression with Adamantium (DAA)

    When the studies on d-aspartic-acid first emerged, I was intrigued to say the least. A D-form amino acid increasing testosterone by a significant amount? I had to learn more, so i began studying this substance, which lead me to the theory I'm putting to the test today.

    DAA works by stimulating the NMDA receptors in the hypothalamus, which increases concentrations of GnRH (Gonadotropin-releasing hormone). GnRH then stimulates the pituitary to increase concentrations of both LH (Luteinizing hormone) and FSH (Follicle-stimulating hormone), which tells the testes to turn on the testosterone making process (Steroidogenesis).

    When you take PH/DS/AAS, these very same pathways are down-regulated (reduced LH, FSH, etc). In theory, if one were to co-administer both exogenous androgens and DAA, it seems possible that they would neutralize each other, potentially minimizing (or slowing) the shutdown process that the PHs cause.

    The study on DAA found that after twelve days, testosterone increased by 40%. I'm assuming 12 days is the time it takes for the hypothalamic tissues to become fully saturated, which means any hormonal increase that happens would be at maximum capacity by then. What ive done was preload the DAA for the first 12 days of the cycle to make sure it had time to upregulate everything, then ill begin using my PHs.

    Cycle is as follows:
    M-LMG - 100mg for six weeks.
    Andromass - 4 caps the second week, 5 caps the last four weeks of the cycle.
    AndroHard V1 - 750mg for six weeks.

    I wasnt even planning on using the AndroMass until Noa (Redhulk) offered me a discount to try it out as a Dermacrine replacement. After seeing how ridiculously low it was priced, i figured i had to give it a shot. I also picked up some androhard v2, but im saving that for a future cycle to get rid of my androhard v1 stash. Adamantium is definitely my DAA of choice due to the LCLTs ability at increasing androgen receptor density, perhaps that will increase my cycles effectiveness.

    Before all the haters jump in here and tell me im stupid or something, just realize this is a theory. Im sure the upregulation from DAA wont overrule any androgen. Everything has its limits, and i feel that if it at least slows it from stronger androgens, or mitigates it from weaker ones, then it definitely has its purpose.

    Also, I'm already about a week into the cycle, I start the andromass tomorrow. I dont feel 7 days is enough to have any noticeable suppression, and I of course havent.
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  2. Subbed here!

    This is great info and a theory that could possibly be a game changer for many!

    Before every great discovery was a well thought out theory that made sense and I believe this could be something amazing here. I'm intrigued/excited to see how this goes, I wish you good look and look forward to see what happends

    I myself will be running an Androhard/Androlean cycle for 8 weeks to see how it works with a longer cycle, they are mild PH's, but non the less it will be interesting to see how it works out. We are still looking for 1 more logger to try this protocol.
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  3. Very good information and just wait until Formula X comes! You should run this in the log section!
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