Titanium @ 4 Caps / Day... anyone tried yet?

  1. Titanium @ 4 Caps / Day... anyone tried yet?

    Well now that AnaBeta came up for presale I figured I might as well stock up. Ordered up 2 bottles of Titanium that I'm going to chug down over 30 days - at 4 caps a day.

    Anyone tried this regimen yet? I'm not too concerned anything negative will result... just wondering if anyone had feedback.

  2. We have a logger right now using 4 caps a day, BDCC's Titanium and Erase Log

    I havn't tried Titanium at 4 caps a day, but I have used about the same amount of Testofen before and I loved it, the extra I3C and LCLT will make it even better.

    Anyone else give 4 caps a day a go?
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  3. I ran it at 4 a day with sns daa and erase....was a nice 30 days

  4. Quote Originally Posted by ProOne View Post
    I ran it at 4 a day with sns daa and erase....was a nice 30 days
    That stack would be great, I would another 1.5g's of LCLT tho, the stuff works amazing at increasing overall effects, thats why I love Adamantium

    Adamantium + Titanium at 4 caps would give a nice 3.1g's of LCLT, I look forwad to running it with Erase and Ana-beta. By the way obvious if you end up logging that stack let me know!
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  5. Since you mentioned about the 4 caps a day, I figured I should get a promo up so we can get more people to have the chance to try 4 caps a day

    Win 2 bottles of Titanium!
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  6. Well now you can run 4 caps/day on one bottle with Titanium XL .
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  7. Thats right!!!

    Presenting TitaniumXL!
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