Athletix Sports "Adamantium" reviews. Post yours up!!

  1. Thumbs up Athletix Sports "Adamantium" reviews. Post yours up!!

    Hello All,

    Now that Adamantium has been on the market for a few weeks, we'd love to hear any and all feedback that you have about our new product.

    We've worked hard to put together a dynamic product at an affordable price.

    Let's hear those reviews, AM! We appreciate it!


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  3. I just ordered it and it should be here any minute accord to tracking!I am taking with erase so hope this works out

  4. I've been taking 1 scoop pre-workout.

    Tastes and smells great (I like pink lemonade)

    Heightened concentration in the gym.

    Workout intensity has increased.

    I'm getting stronger each week. (especially with squats)

    No increase in libido (surprised)

    I attribute a lot of my gains/progress to my diet, but I honestly believe the Adamantium is helping.

    For refrence: I'm taking mono, erase, TestoPRO, protein, and a multi as well.

    I would suggest Adamantium to anybody that wants to take DAA. Its just a little more than bulk prices and you have LCLT, NAT, and a great taste as well.

  5. Thanks for the quick summary!!!
    Gain Strength. Add Lean Mass. Recover Faster. : ERGONINE

  6. Just about to start my Adamantium, Titanium, and Erase stack. I have a dosing question.
    When should I dose the Adamantium? I use Mesomorph as a pwo and not sure if I should also use Adamantium pwo also.

  7. I don't think it matters when you dose it....only that you're consistently taking it daily.

    A lot of people take it when they wake up on an empty stomach.

    I don't see a problem taking it with mesomorph.

    Some that get the headaches with DAA prefer to take it before bed.

  8. does it matter

  9. The best tasting supplement I've tried. Too early for effects yet.

  10. Biggest Blackest Adamantium Log

    Started a few weeks ago, its going well
    Sustain Alpha is back!

  11. Quote Originally Posted by ProOne View Post
    Just about to start my Adamantium, Titanium, and Erase stack. I have a dosing question.
    When should I dose the Adamantium? I use Mesomorph as a pwo and not sure if I should also use Adamantium pwo also.
    Whenever you need a boost or directly after your workout would work too since the LCLT is amazing for recovery.
    Gain Strength. Add Lean Mass. Recover Faster. : ERGONINE

  12. So far I've been taking it in the morning on an empty stomach, except yesterday I took it with my Meso pre wo. I'm going to try it again pwo tomorrow and see if there is any benefit....

  13. Quote Originally Posted by Athletix View Post
    Whenever you need a boost or directly after your workout would work too since the LCLT is amazing for recovery.
    Agreed LCLT is amazing for post-workout. I don't believe a lot of people have used it pre-workout but I have for a bit and I liked it a lot, pre and post both have there benefits.

    Adamantium looks like a sick combo for pre-workout DAA to get the test boost, LCLT for increased androgen receptor density plus the benefits of it has on IGF-1 and to top it off NAT for sick aggression, I love NAT I find it works kinda like Icariin does for aggression but even stronger.

    I've been eyeing this product since the write up.

    I will def log this one when I start it sometime next month.
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  14. Here is some amazing feedback on the E.A.T Stack and Adamantium

    Adamantium-Erase-Titanium Stack Review

    Originally posted by Darrellw

    Adamantium-Erase-Titanium Stack Review

    Unbelievable. That pretty much sums up this stack from Nutraplanet.

    A little background info on me is necessary. I'm a 19 year old track and field athlete (sprinter) that was looking for some recovery options and stumbled upon this stack while browsing these forums. The ingredient profile looked pretty solid and i was interested in trying my first DAA product.

    What I expected was a pretty good recovery boost and energy gains. What i got was MUCH more than i anticipated.

    I took Adamantium pre-workout like advised. My aggression went through the roof on day 1. I'm a pretty nonchalant guy so it was a welcome change to my attitude towards working out. I was grunting out of nowhere and angry at every rep. I was prone to outburst at people as well. I could barely control myself. And i loved it. It hits you slowly but surely, a darkening of the mood, a slight lowering of the brows, a compulsion to exercise (energy build up). I definitely noticed some fat loss even though i was being subjected to the- what i call- barely legal effects of Titanium and ERASE.

    Where to begin? On delivering what they promise; If Adamantium was great, Titanium and ERASE were Perfect. I cannot break the two down in separate paragraphs as i was taking them throughout the day at the same time unlike Adamantium. They are so synergistic that they might as well have been one super product.

    I took 2 caps of ERASE the first day and 2 caps of Titanium.

    I didn't really notice an increase in libido. Fast forward to now that i'm not taking it and i notice a big difference in sex drive. So it was working on libido!

    I upped my intake of ERASE to 3 the very next day because my skin wasn't dry which suggested i had more estrogen to block! I'm almost sorry I did it.

    In a manner of less than a month i gained 10 genuine pounds of lean muscle mass. I jumped from 170 to 180. My strength skyrocketed. I was a demon in the weight room. I shattered all my previous maxes. In the 100m dash my performance was much better.......... but at a cost. Every other race suffered.

    I had put on too much mass in such a short time frame. My endurance in the weight room was phenomenal but not on the track. I was looking and running more like a football player and less like a track runner.

    To sum it up, the stack did exactly as described. It was my own expectations of what it would do that were too low. For weightlifting, football, or anyone looking to gain mass or improve sex drive this stack is a must. Unfortunately for me, mass and added poundage was not my goal. So this is probably going to be the weirdest conclusion ever. I personally will not buy these products again simply because the anti-estrogen ingredients together are too powerful for what i wanted out of it. For someone who is looking to add pounds and muscle then this is a golden must. For someone not looking to gain weight I can't recommend it out of my personal experience.... it seemed impossible to NOT gain with the stack.

    I rate it a 10/10 regardless. Every benefit it states it DELIVERS. Just be sure you know what you want before you buy.
    Core Nutritionals Representative


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