Can you explain to me the diff.

  1. Can you explain to me the diff.

    So, a few weeks back I decided to finally try a tbooster and norrowed it down between T est o Pro and Titanium. I started this thread here:

    TestoPRO or Titanium for strength and gains.

    Hopefully, it helped in getting your product some more exposure and drew some customers your way. Anyhow...

    Can you guys explain to me the difference between testofen and your Fenugreek extract?

    What does 50% fenuside mean? compared to your 53.9%?

    Hopefully this isn't a stupid question as I'm genuinely wanting to learn a few things.

    much appreciated.

  2. Basically when herbs are harvested they are raw and contain everything the natural plant contains, but in almost every case you don't want everything that is in the plant, you want one of the main things that is in it. That is why in a lot of products it will say something like "Herb (standardized to 50% something)" which means that 50% of what is in it contains whatever it is standardized to. The higher the extract of what you are looking for the better. In our case we tested our material and it tested out to 53.9%, higher than any we have seen which we were pleased to see as we spend a lot of money on quality materials .
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