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  1. 1,3 is good in smaller doses. Say 25-40mg.
    Rasberry Ketones is an excellent thermogenic and will make you sweat balls in no time.
    PLCAR would be great with above ingredients.
    3,3 or 3,5 if there was no stims. Dosing gets tricky.
    Synephrine curbed my appetite as did 1,3.
    TTA never used but heard good things.
    Vinpocetine has a great effect on mood and focus.

  2. Thanks for the suggestions!
    Core Nutritionals Representative

  3. Beta-Testing Athletix Sports NEW Fat Burner

    If anyone is interested in checking out my thoughts on this possible new product here is the link to my log, I'll be giving weekly updates.
    Core Nutritionals Representative



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