Please Welcome to Team Athletic Xtreme...

  1. Please Welcome to Team Athletic Xtreme...

    Ladies and Gents, and all the rest of you... Please give a warm welcome to the newest person to join the Athletic Xtreme online team:

    Josh - aka 3clipseGT!!!!!

    Josh is a proud father of a 2 1/2 yr old daughter with another one on the way. He proudly serves us all in the US Marine Corps. Josh has ben working out for over 9 years and loved every minute of it! He enjoys helping others to reach their goals and excel past them.

    Josh is no foreigner to the online world or supplements. He's been a fan of AX for a while now and is very knowledgeable in many many things! If you need help, just give him a shout. In addition to being part of the online team, Josh will also be our next SPONSORED ATHLETE!! He's not just an online image, he's the real deal! Kudos, Josh!!

    From all of us at Athletic Xtreme, welcome to the family, bro!

    I think this calls for (wait for it...

    The AX DANCE PARTY!!!!!

    (oh yeah, I went there... I brought it back... he he he)
    -RecoverBro Zombie Specialist and Paracord Wrangler
    -Independent due to lies that hurt my family. Loyal to myself and my Bro's.

  2. Welcome to the team!!
    I'm Back...

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Clickster View Post
    Welcome to the team!!
    Thanks man! Stoked to be on such a great team!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  4. Welcome big homie!
    Athletic Xtreme - Are you Xtreme enough?
    -Philippians 4:13-

  5. Quote Originally Posted by emekajokammor View Post
    Welcome big homie!
    'ppreciate it bud!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  6. welcome back thanks for sharing .
    Get Helped through regarding testosterone Therapy


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