source of gelatin used in your capsules for Mass Fx

  1. source of gelatin used in your capsules for Mass Fx


    I'm interested in buying Mass Fx, but before I do I need to know where is the gelatin you use for the capsules sourced from. Is it pork, bovine or horse.

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  2. They are from animal sources, but I am not quite sure which. Gel caps are sold as regular (animal) or veggie. AX doesn't use the veggie ones. When in doubt, dump the contents out.

    Just make sure to drink a lot of fluid when you do that so that it all washes down. Certain things can really burn up the throat.

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  3. Waited for a follow-up from the OP, but I'll stick my 2 cents worth in anyway!

    The caps are from an animal, as mentioned. Which one, we don't know. That info isn't supplied by the cap supplier. But as Keith said, you can dump the contents out and just take the powder. Mix in with a shake or just pop it in your mouth and then IMMEDIATELY drink a good amount of water (or shake or whatever) to wash it down. They are powdered for convenience in dosing, and a lot of times because the raws will taste very bad if you do it this way. But by no means should it have any negative effect on your dosing! We've had folks ask us this question before, and have taken the contents sans-caps without issue.

    Good luck! If there's anything else we can help you with, just ask!
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