AX Advanced PCT

  1. AX Advanced PCT

    Well, this product has been staring me in the face everytime I visit the AX site, and a little over 2 weeks ago I decided to give it a go.
    I decided on 4 caps as 3 was not the sweet spot for me before. 4 caps has been going very well.
    Strength has increased on each lift.
    I am adding some lifts as I find more time. Being a newer dad, it is very hard to get in time to exercise when my wife and I both work and the little guy is always up at 530. I cannot workout that early as it would mess up our morning routine. I generally get in about 30 minutes at night and 3-4 times per week. This is a far cry from the 5-6 times per week I was doing almost 2 years ago prior to a baby and a regular 9-5.
    So, to the meat of the matter. With very limited and somewhat inconsistent workouts each week, I have actually increased my lifts, which is rare when I sometimes only get in 1 workout for upper body and 1 for lower body per week (on a consistent basis). Again, I might get 2 one week, but 1 the next. I have been hitting a lower volume routine with each body part being hit twice per week for several years now. I would assume my body would've decided it's time to spare muscle. However, with the recent addition of aPCT I am moving back up.

    Oh, and my diet has been far from great as well. The only explanation is aPCT, so call it what you want, but the product is definitely worth the purchase.

    Just in case: Advanced PCT (Post Cycle Therapy) | AX
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  2. Good to hear
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  3. Very cool review.
    Happy to hear you enjoyed it bro.
    I'm Back...

  4. Nice work B
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