Just got my Slim fx!

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  1. GLady,

    Did you get that info to Eizbear?
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  2. Awesome rep follow up
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by AaronJP1 View Post
    Awesome rep follow up
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by BB12 View Post

    Did you get that info to Eizbear?
    Sadly, I haven't got any PM or email about this.. I'm hoping that our tips help this customer out, well, I assume it did, as he/she hasn't come back or emailed or anything like that.

    Still, I would really appreciate if the person in question could come back to us, to either let us know that it worked or did not work.. The more feedback we get , the better database we can build up.. And the better we can help customers/users with stuff like this


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