Let me preface this by telling you how we selected the testers.

We picked 10 people from the forums that know who we are. BUT we then picked 20 random people to get completely unbiased feedback. May of these people had never tried an AX product before. We simply sent a broadcast email to 1000 random people in the AX email database with the following requirements.

1. Must use or have used pre-workout products with stimulants
2. Must have used three of the top 6 selling pre-workout products we named
3. Must agree to start take the product immediately upon arrival until it is gone, and fill out an online survey with the results. This survey went over several experience questions and then a comparison to the other top products.

Of course the testing went phenomenally well or we would not release the product. Today we sent an email to the testers to leave there experience with the product. More should be coming in each day and here are the results.....

Click Here for the Tester Feedback on SuperSize