Male performance pills.

  1. Male performance pills.

    Hey guys, Need a bit of help. I've been seeing this girl recently and I definitely want to make a good impression. I'm looking for some pills that'll increase libido and help with being able to last longer. I came to the Bodybuilding community because I've heard of a product called Axcite Magnum. I use some of their other products. Well my question is, does anyone know if Axcite magnum increases stamina?.. As a matter of fact what is it supposed to do? They don't give descriptive details on their website. If you guys also have any other suggestions on other pills or products... that'll be great!

  2. From my experience with Magnum, you'll be pleasantly surprised! Increased stamina, increased "size", and increased libido are the most common aspects.
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  3. Hi buddy sorry I'm late to this, just wanted to share a little extra info on the product to help u out.

    This link here is a review on the product from a very valued AM member
    axcite magnum

    And here's a link to some info

    Be sure to get back on the forums and share your experience (no need to get too graphic lol)

    Wish u the best, good luck
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