Hyperdrol X2

  1. Hyperdrol X2

    How much 6-bromo was it in Hyperdrol X2 ? Looking to run a 6-bromo with your new Mass FX, want to get the same great reasult I had running the original stack !

    Thank you


  2. Thank you ! I waas 4 caps per day recomandation also ? so around 200 mg

  3. 200mg is about right
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    That's what's on the label.

    Some people have tried megadosing it with great success, but too much AI can be rough on the joints and too much forskolin can be tough on the stomach.
    Raises hand... Definitely up-dosed it to the extreme for a very short period. It dried me out like Arizona sun on a watermelon.
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  5. Like the comparison,bro!

  6. Alvin1, I'm around 185lbs and found the following to be very effective for me.6:30 - 1 Mass FX MS, 1 HX212:30 - 2 Mass FX MS 30 minutes preworkout5:30 - 1 Mass FX MS10:30 - 1 Mass FX MS, 2 HX2 (1 hour before bed)Hope that helps!I have yet to try that protocol with the NEW Mass Destroyer, but may give it a try this winter.


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