Expiry Dates / Best Before Dates

  1. Expiry Dates / Best Before Dates

    Hi there , im hoping somebody can help. I have been sorting out my supplement "stash" today and have come across the following from Anabolic Xtreme

    Advanced PCT, Lot Number "46104", Expiry Date: Aug 2010

    Will all the ingrediants still be active, absorbable and safe?

    Thank You In Advance

  2. I usually store my stash in the freezer (FYI), as this greatly deters the degradation process to the point where its fine to take beyond the due date.

    In my opinion, I would think its still ok to take.

    The compounds take a long time to degrade, and the expiry date is more the matter of drawing the line between the good to use and not; however, there really is not clear-cut line like this.
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  3. As Sinner said, I think it should be fine. A lot of it comes down to how it was stored. If you opened the bottle and kept it in a humid environment, then i'd say to pitch it. If it's sealed and was kept somewhere cool, dark and dry, then you're good to go.
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  4. I agree, In Sweden it's named Best before.. But that doesn't mean that it's bad after that date.. It's just a stamp that guarantee you that it's at its best use..
    I have used alot of supplement that are expired, never felt anything bad from them either..

    It's like eggs.. They have a stamp that they are best before 1 month use... This is pure bull****... First of all.. Eggs in the store are stored in room temperature.. While many people store them in the refrigirator postponing the expired date with atleast a month ..

    Best tip from me..
    1: Inspect the goods.. If it looks good, proceed to number 2.. .If it looks bad.. discard it..
    2: Smell the goods... If it smells ok, proceed to number 3.. If it smells bad.. discard it..
    3: Taste the goods... If it taste ok, proceed and enjoy it!!!! If it taste bad... Cry a river and buy a new one

    Ps. In Sweden, we have a law on how long an expired date can be... So some manufactors NEEDS to put a stamp on it , even though it might be good for another 2 years..

  5. Thanks for the response, It has been kept, sealed, unopened , in a cool dark place, so that will save me buying the above again, for now.

    Thank You

  6. Quote Originally Posted by CPT_Ding_Dong View Post
    Thanks for the response, It has been kept, sealed, unopened , in a cool dark place, so that will save me buying the above again, for now.

    Thank You
    Cool! You're welcome, bro!


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