1. Post Mass/Hard/Lean

    Does anyone ever stack Mass Fx/Hard Fx/ and Lean Fx together or would it be wiser to buy a second round of one or two of them to run censecutively for a specific goal (bulking/cutting)? I'm recomping so I'm somewhere in the middle.

  2. I've done it! Then again, there isn't a combo of AX products that I haven't tried.

    From personal experience and preference, running all 3 together would be best suited to a bulk. For some reason or another, MassFX makes me VERY hungry, so cutting the cals for me is difficult. If running a cut or even recomp, you could get away with it if your diet is disciplined, and it'd actually work really well.

    Whether you want to run all 3 for a month or just 2 of them for 2 rounds is up to you. I'd opt to take it out to 2 months, though, just to reap the benefits of it for a longer period and see more success in the end.
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  3. Thanks again T-AD, tried to PM you about my last thread on the Recomp Stack (you suggested Alpha T2, Hard Fx, and Lean Fx) but I dont have enough posts yet. It got me looking into the AX products anyway, and I liked what I saw about Mass Fx. For my recomp though, I think adding that mild fat Alpha T2 might be better.

  4. For recomp, I really really do like my recommendation of AlphaT2, HardFX and LeanFX. And I was honest when i said that's what I'm using right now, too.

    Give that a go, and then when you're ready to bulk sometime, do HFX, LFX and MFX. It'll be goooooood.....
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    -Independent due to lies that hurt my family. Loyal to myself and my Bro's.
  5. Got the stack

    So i got my stack of Alpha T2, Hard Fx, and Lean Fx in the mail from nutra. I'm starting the run today. Any advice on when to take these three? I know they all look like I should take them before breakfast but is it ok to take them at the exact same time? Or should I try and stagger them at all?

  6. There's not much use in staggering them (i.e. no additional benefit). It will just create more times you need to take pills.
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  7. It's been suggested that HardFX could be taken all in the morning, based on the best guidelines for dosing DAA products. However, since it isn't solely a DAA product, I do stagger mine out a bit. I usually dose 1 when I get up, 1 around lunch, and 2 pre-w/o (4pm). I've found that I get a good boost in the gym that way - not a stim-type boost, but a good increase in overall strength and aggressiveness.

    LeanFX should be dose according to cortisol release timing, so 1 when you wake, 1 4 hours later, and if you lift late like me, 1 pre-w/o. If you lift earlier, then do one with dinner.

    AT2, not sure of the exact directions on it, but I typically do only 2/day - 1am and 1 mid-afternoon.

    Hope that helps!
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    -Independent due to lies that hurt my family. Loyal to myself and my Bro's.

  8. Using the recommended dosing is always a good guideline if you feel uncertain.

    I too use the same direction as Tim does on the Lean-FX, 1 when I wake up, 1 around lunch (i.e. 4-5 hours later), and one pre workout.. I'm a placebo-guy, I like taking things Pre-workout cause of the feeling, not any feeling from the supp, but the fact that you take something "for" the training...

    Hard-FX I usually dose all 4 in the morning, It's a DAA supplement, not entirely though, but I like to get the dose of DAA in the morning, standard routine for me now

    AT2, no clue, don't think it's avaiable in Sweden... We only take in the good stuff


    Good luck with your stack, bro! Do you plan on running a log or do a review on the products ? Would be cool to see your final thoughts on it!


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