Future Review of Axcell/Carno/LeanFX combo

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  4. Okay well, I've had great progress so far with this, adding BCAA's and L-Carnosine (Beta Alanine) has made an incredible difference in my performance. In a months time I've experienced some very nice changes. I've already put these up in my log. Also some disconcerting changes lol due to the fact that I've sort of had to run to catch up with myself.
    Recuperation time has been great for me and I've definitely been able to increase the intensity of my workouts. I have been surprising myself all month and it's evident in my log.
    Axcell tastes great and mixes very well in my shaker (Got the Arctic Berry going to try the orange next)
    And I seriously notice the difference between a workout with a preworkout dose of Carnobolic and one without, even if I've half dosed it in the morning. Don't know if its a placebo thing but there you go...

    I'll post the changes I've made physically

    Old Measurements
    Weight 113.4
    Height 5'1"
    Chest 31
    Waist 25.25
    Hips 34.25
    Thighs 21.75
    Upper Arms 11
    Forearms 8.25
    Calves 12.75

    New Measurments
    Weight 111.8 -1.6lbs
    Height 5'1"
    Chest 31
    Waist 24.75 -0.50
    Hips 33.5 -0.75
    Thighs 21.5 -0.25
    Upper Arms 11.5 +0.5
    Forearms 8.5 +0.25 (getting little veins showing)
    Calves 12.75 =

    A few days ago I had dropped to 111.0 which made a difference of 2.4 but that was a few days ago and this was yesterday so there u go. Plus even tho I put it up I try not to pay too much attention to weight.
    I feel that Axcell and Carno have had a lot to do with my progress, because even more important than my measurements I feel stronger, better. I've been forced to really crank it up in order to feel real fatigue and I'm still recuperating faster than I can believe.
    So there
    As for Lean FX I'm going to keep taking it and see how much it helps in the long run, it doesn't seem to be the kind of supp that has a separate noticeable effect, I need to bring down my BF% further I believe to really get a discernible separate evaluation of it. Although I've never been one for fast results and I feel I've most definitely leaned out and added a little muscle.
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