Whats new with APS

  1. Whats new with APS

    Its been quiet around here.
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  2. i know they are working on some new stuff, but for now its quiet.
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  3. We are doing extremely well with our products and selling a ton of Mesomorph, Creatine Nitrate, Testalensis 100 etc..
    There are a couple things that we are juggling around and may have a new product or 2 coming out in the 2012..
    We have been so occupied with large international accounts and getting our products to customers that we havent had the time to really decide if we want to introduce a new product at this point.
    But as I said, there may be something coming out in the next 4-6 months..

  4. Sounds fantastic, great job with all the products and sales.

  5. also, APSFAN gets your order out super fast, no joke
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